The Lingerie You Bought for Me to Wear with My Lover
10th August, 2017 / Video length: 17:28
Like a good husband you have been out and bought me some new lingerie to wear with my lover this evening, and I thought it only fair to model it for you. It is always good to remind you what you can no longer have, after being such a failure as a man in the bedroom. It is strange how you are so successful in your work life yet such a completely failure in your home life. You took it very well when I explained how I would no longer be letting you touch me, never mind sleep with me, and how instead I would be taking a well hung lover to satisfy me sexually. I should have known you would just agree, being such a subservient husband. However you did not really have a choice because if you did not agree I would have left you and you would never have coped with that. It must still be very hard for you, knowing that when I am with my lover my orgasms are frequent & intense, whereas yours are non-existent! F0280
Hiding Shrunken Men Inside My Party Clothes & Lingerie
7th August, 2017 / Video length: 9:13
I have recently shrunk five men who have annoyed me. They have all been shrunk to varying different sizes and I am looking for a way to punish them all further. I am off on a night out and I am wearing a tight silver dress over the top of silver lace lingerie with black court heels. Now lots of men are desperate to get inside my dress and you five will have the honour of doing so, but not quite in the way you would like. For you tiny little men being inside my dress will be torture! I will scatter you all over my body inside my clothes, some inside my bra, some inside my panties and some inside my shoes! As I slowly spread the shrunken men throughout my clothing I can tell they are frightened. As I place some into my bra they are struggling to breathe against my nipples, the ones inside my shoes will most likely end up flattened, and who knows what will happen to those who end up in my panties as I party the night away! F0301
Teasing You with My Sexy Biceps in a Short Sleeve Shirt
4th August, 2017 / Video length: 6:42
I am minding my own business playing with my hair when I notice you staring at me, but what is it you are staring at? Then I realise, you are staring at my biceps! I have been working out a lot lately and my biceps have started to really pop out with clear definition. I decide it will be fun to tease you so I flex my biceps in front of you, making the muscles move and bulge, showing off how tight my capped sleeves get when I tense my arms. There are clear lines showing the muscle form and as I tense and relax both arms I know you are feeling excited. I spend time flexing both arms then alternating between them, even gipping my bicep with my fingers so you can watch the bicep push my fingers apart. I bet you would love to kiss and worship these arms wouldn’t you?! Kiss my round biceps as they grow while I flex them in front of you, giving you a sexy bicep show! F0346
Teasing You with My Lower Leg Pattern Sheer Tights
1st August, 2017 / Video length: 6:37
I love slightly unusual tights so I bought these especially to tease you with! They are a barely black, grey colour and a sheer 20 denier. The pattern finishes just above the knee with a cute bow, but goes right down past my ankle onto my cute feet. As I dangle my heels you can see the detailing around my ankle and as I slip the heels off altogether you will see me pretty soles through these sheer tights. There is also lots of leg crossing and uncrossing where you can hear that delightful sound of the nylons rubbing together. Beautiful full length views where you can see the full glory of my long sexy legs covered in these patterned nylons, as well as the cute detailing across my bottom. I can’t resist slipping my hands down my tights and stretching them, and if you are lucky you will catch a glimpse of the sexy reinforced gusset too! F0211
Come Out & Watch What I Get Up to Without Panties
28th July, 2017 / Video length: 3:34
So husband do you like my new little black dress? It is very short isn’t it? I am planning to wear it out tonight when I go and find myself some alpha males, but guess what?! I am letting you come with me tonight, yes that’s right you, my loser cuckold husband, can come out with me and watch as I look for real men! You should count yourself lucky because normally I would rather you stayed home out of my way while I find some real men to satisfy me. However there is a catch, as you can see I am not wearing any panties underneath my very short dress. So you are going to have to watch as I invite alpha males to put their hands up my skirt and see for themselves how I am completely without panties! How will that make you feel watching as I allow real men to slip their hand up my skirt and feel that I am not wearing any panties?! I will tell you how it will make you feel… like the pathetic small dick loser you are! F0102
Showing My Shrinking Powers & What I Can Do with Them
25th July, 2017 / Video length: 10:53
You seem to be under the illusion that you are better than me, but most laughable of all is you think this because you are a man! As I stand in front of you in a tight white vest, even tighter shiny black leggings and black high heels your tongue is hanging out. See you are just as pathetic as all the others. I then explain to you that I have a special power and any man that irritates me gets shrunk to a new teeny tiny stature. I start to pull tiny shrunken men from out of my skin tight outfit. Out of my panties, out of my bra and out of my shoes! I then show you all the things I can do to these tiny men, how I can torture them with my feet, how I can swallow them and sit on them crushing them with my big ass! So now it is time I shrunk you, and you better understand that when you are less than an inch tall I will be flattening you underneath my big ass! F0338
Perving up My Skirt at My Big Sexy Panties
22nd July, 2017 / Video length: 4:44
It is a nice warm sunny day so I have decided to lie outside on a blanket for a while. I am wearing a skimpy vest to and a very short denim skirt, but I know, being the panty pervert you are, that you are far more interested in what in underneath my skirt! I am wearing big purple panties underneath my skirt and as I bend down to sit on the blanket you will see my skirt rides up and you see my perfect bouncy ass in the big naughty panties. As I roll around on the blanket trying to get comfortable you can perv to your hearts content, watching as I adjust my panties, pull them out of my ass crack and move them around. If you are very sneaky you can get very close to my panty gusset too, and you are clearing going to enjoy perving on your goddess’s panties as I enjoy the sunshine! F0246
Flattening You with My Giant Ass In Black Lace Panties
19th July, 2017 / Video length: 7:19
It is nearly my bedtime and as I get ready I am yet to realise that your tiny shrunken self is perving on me from inside my lace panty drawer. You have made quite the nest in amongst my lace panties and with the drawer open a crack you think you have the perfect perving vantage point. As I spot you hiding I am not happy, who knows what you have been doing while you have been nesting in my panty drawer! So I toy with you a little while you are still in the drawer, showing you my giant ass and the gorgeous black panties I am currently wearing; I imagine they are your perfect pair of panties! With this in mind it is time I let you know what will happen to you now, and as I grab you out of the drawer and lay you on my bed I explain how I feel it is only fitting that I finish you off underneath my big ass covered in these sexy black lace panties! F0336
A Sexy Tight Show So I can Reinforce My Control
16th July, 2017 / Video length: 7:05
It is always good to reinforce your obsession with me and my legs always work well, especially when they are wrapped in nylon. I am wearing my gorgeous Wolford tights with sexy white stilettos. These tights feel amazing, so soft against my skin and the high waist band stretches so far up when I pull on it. I cross & cross my legs before bending over showing off the reinforced gusset. There is lots of close up dangling and when I slip my heels off lots of close ups of my toes wiggling in my tights and my nylon clad soles. I know how to press your leg and nylons pervert buttons. F0220
Breaking My Cane on Your Bare Ass as I Thrash You
13th July, 2017 / Video length: 8:07
I am so sick of you St Hugh’s students sneaking into my school that I have made your Headmaster agree to some terms. The terms are that I am now in charge of all punishments at your school, so I can do whatever I like to you all, especially any I find sneaking around my establishment! It just so happened that you were found perving on of one of my teachers this morning, so now you will see what can really happen to dirty little perverts! I think the best way to punish you is with my good old cane, and as I show it to you you’ll see just how used it is, with a small split in the end. I thrash you hard with my cane, so hard the end splits even more! However as I thrash your bare ass repeatedly my cane breaks more and more, and soon I have to stop as I have completely broken my precious cane thrashing your bare ass! F0344
Watch as I Swallow Your Five Friends Whole with Water
10th July, 2017 / Video length: 5:34
I have caught you and your friends trying to escape, and I know you are the ring leader. Now you will see what happens when you make such mistakes. I have intentionally seated you up high so you have a perfect view of what is about to happen. I will be swallowing all of your friends down whole & alive, and while you watch this terrible event you will know that it is entirely your fault! As I place each of your friends on my tongue then, with a slip of water, swallow them down in one you are looking very unsettled. It is because you think you will be facing the same fate? As I swallow the last of your friends down it is clear you are about to be swallowed alive too, and as I grab a hold of you and bring you closer and closer to my giant open mouth I can smell your fear! F0326
Teasing You with My White Panties Underneath My Jeans
7th July, 2017 / Video length: 6:38
I know you love big white panties so I am wearing some underneath my very tight jeans. I tease you a little, pulling them up high from under my jeans so you can see them, knowing they are wedgying my big round ass cheeks, I even pull them up at the front too! Can you imagine just how soft these panties must feel against me?! As I put my hand inside my jeans I tell you just how soft they feel, and I explain how I shall pull my jeans down around my ankles so I can sit my big panty covered ass down on to your face. So you had better lie on the floor ready for your white panty face sitting! F0244
Tormenting Shrunken Men I Find Hiding in My Hair Brush
4th July, 2017 / Video length: 5:17
I am sitting at my dressing table getting ready, but as I pick up my hair brush to brush my hair I notice two tiny shrunken men hiding amongst the bristles of the brush. They are barely as tall as the bristles and look very scared & vulnerable. They must think that this is a safe place to hide, and with the added indulgence of the scent of my gorgeous hair, but they are mistaken. As I brush my hair with them now trapped in the brush, they need to be careful that my hair strands do not wrap around their tiny necks or they do not choke on my hair! As I finish brushing my hair I explain that their torment will not end there as I turn on my hair dryer and blast them with it, watching as they get hotter and weaker. However it is about to get even worse for these two shrunken perverts as I switch on my hair straighteners and explain how if I should clamp them between the straighteners they will have no chance of survival! F0300
Squashing Tomatoes with My Sexy Strappy High Heels
1st July, 2017 / Video length: 3:52
I am wearing my sexy green high heel strappy sandals. I give you a sexy close up show from just above the ankle down, wiggling my toes and scrunching them inside the shoes as I point them towards you. When I have shown off my pretty shoes I place small tomatoes on the floor and squash them one by one, first with the soles of my shoes then with the heel. Finally I show you the soles of my heels and the remnants of the tomatoes stuck to them. F0267
Buy This Hypnotising Clip at Your Own Risk
28th June, 2017 / Video length: 2:11
My eyes are one of my best features, and when it comes to manipulating & controlling weak men they are a very powerful tool. Just one look deep in to my eyes and men tend to give me exactly what I want. So I thought I would try this out in a clip. First of all I will explain what may happen if you watch the entire clip, because half way through the clip you will have a close up of my pretty blue grey eyes. You will look deeply into them as I tell you how you will be tribute me with you hard earned cash. But be warned, you may end up handing over more than you can afford! F0136