Washing up Giantess Style with Two Shrunken Men
25th June, 2016 / Video length: 6:40
I have found two shrunken men hiding in my kitchen and I plan to teach them a lesson. Seeing as they were found in amongst my dishes on the draining board I thought it very suited that they should be washed up!So I fill up a section of my sink and add plenty of washing up liquid. One by one I suffocate the dirty little men in my cleavage, dip them in the foamy bubbles, and then rinse them in very hot water before dropping them into the soapy water. However even if they can swim they are still in trouble as I pull the plug and watch them both slip down the drain into the sewer where they belong! F0297
Punishing Shrunken Men by Forcing Them into My Shoes
22nd June, 2016 / Video length: 10:53
I have caught two tiny men on my kitchen surface again. I do not like these dirty little men in my kitchen; they never seem to learn, so I plan to punish them properly. I warn them what is about to happen, as I slip of my shoe and wiggle my big giantess foot at them, reminding them just how tiny and insignificant they are to me. Then, one by one, I drop them each of them into one of my shoes before slipping them back on! I can feel as they squirm in my shoes, trying to wriggle out but my warm feet keep them pinned inside. As I slip off my one shoe to check on them you can see the poor little man stuck to my hot sweaty toes. But it doesn't end there as I slip my heels back on and head off shopping with them still inside my shoes! F0291
Very Close to Being Suffocated In My Worn Thong
19th June, 2016 / Video length: 4:29
You are hiding under my bed and I have come to get changed. As I sit at my dressing table to reapply my makeup you can see the full length of my dangerous looking giantess high heels, this starts to make you nervous, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. When I stand up to undress my heels get ever closer, stamping down in front of you. You need to stay completely still. When you start to think you may just survive I slip my thong all the way down and flick it under the bed with my foot! It lands right on top of you, and I hope you suffocate! F0294
Made To Wear Sissy Satin Panties as Punishment
16th June, 2016 / Video length: 3:59
I have found the stains you have left on the sheets in the spare room. You have clearly been playing with yourself without my permission again, and we both know this cannot go unpunished. So I thought, seeing that you have such a tiny dick maybe you should be wearing ladies panties. When you wear real man pants you always have a big gapping area where your cock should be so it would make sense you wore tiny ladies panties instead. So I have here a pretty pair of my pink satin panties, you will be wearing these for the foreseeable future. You will wear them under your suit to work, to bed, and basically every minute of the day. It will serve as a reminder of firstly how much of a small dick you have but also how you are a weak pathetic loser who is controlled by your wife. F0130
Controlling You with My Feet in Red High Heel Sandals
13th June, 2016 / Video length: 7:26
I am wearing my tight red dress with my sexy red high heel sandals with ankle strap. I give you a sexy show, wiggling my toes inside the shoe, but you should know that this show is only so I can reel you in deeper, increasing my control over you. As I undo my ankle straps and dangle my heels one by one you will get a nice close up of all the sexy sandal shoe play, and you will not be able to keep your eyes off me. To finish I show you the inside of the shoes, showing you the sexy toe prints, and you know full well how desperately you’ll want to bury your nose deep into them. F0147
Hiding Under the Bed Perving on My Sexy Legs in Tights
10th June, 2016 / Video length: 6:36
I have arrived back to my hotel room after a night out. I am wearing my sexy black seamed tights with a Cuban heel under a sexy evening dress with black high heels. You have a lovely view from under the bed as I walk around; crossing ankles to you have an amazing view of my nice long legs and the pretty straight seam running all the way up. As I sit on the edge of the bed and slip off my heels you can see a gorgeous close up of my Cuban heel leading on to the seam as I rub the soles of my warm nylon feet. I rub my legs together feeling the softness of my tights before crossing my legs and swinging them back & forth with the soles facing you. Eventually I slip off my dress, peeling off my warm tights and slipping off my lingerie too and you can watch as it all drops to the floor next to you. F0193
Teasing You with My Sexy Feet in High Heel Sandals
7th June, 2016 / Video length: 5:37
I am wearing my pretty black sandals with ankle strap and white high heels. These shoes are extra special because they have a very cute flow design on the heel. You should consider yourself privileged as they show off my sexy feet perfectly, and you can watch as I scrunch, spread & wiggle my toes. You will be dreaming about sticking your tongue in between them like the desperate loser you are. As I undo the ankle strap and slip off the shoe you will be mesmerised as the heels dangle from my toe. F0151
You Will Buy Sexy Lingerie I Can Wear With My Lover
4th June, 2016 / Video length: 5:21
I desperately need some new lingerie. A lot of my naughtiest lingerie has been ripped off or ruined in some dirty sex act with my lover. So you will go out tomorrow and buy me some new expensive & very sexy lingerie. I want you to buy lingerie you dream of seeing me in so it hurts you more knowing I am wearing it with my lover. However if you are very lucky you may get to watch us together while I wear it. You will also buy me new high heels, stockings & suspenders, corsets & jewellery. And in every shop you go into you will tell the sales assistant that you are a pathetic loser and you are buying all these things for your cheating wife to wear when she is with her well hung lover. F0129
Three Shrunken Men and a Giantess Tight Jean Pocket
1st June, 2016 / Video length: 4:42
I failed to check my pockets when I slipped on my skin tight jeans this morning. Normally I always check for dirty shrunken men, as I know they often sneak into intimate places they shouldn't, but I was in a rush. As I'm doing some chores in my kitchen you can clearly see close up the stupidly brave three hitch hikers poking out my back pocket.They are having quite the roller coaster ride as I walk around my kitchen; they love the idea of being close to my perfect round bum so much they have taken this enormous risk. They may be sat on or worse I may discover them! F0296
Dropping a Shrunken Man in My Water & Drinking It Down
28th May, 2016 / Video length: 5:22
As I pour myself a glass of water I catch sight of the teeny tiny shrunken man standing as bold as brass on my kitchen surface. I am not impressed; I hate these horrible pointless little men crawling all over my lovely clean work surface where I prepare my food! He must be taught a lesson, so I taunt him, dropping him into my glass of water to watch him try and swim, then rescue him just in time. But I don't plan to stop there and I drop him in again, before swirling the water around and drinking him down in one. F0290
Do Not Get Trodden On As I Change My Shoes
25th May, 2016 / Video length: 4:54
I need to change my shoes, so I have gone to my wardrobe to decide what to wear. I have not noticed you hiding under my bed, and it is no wonder as you are less than two inches tall! As I try on different shoes I get scarily close to you, my big giant heels slamming down dangerously close! You will need to be very careful you do not get accidentally squashed or, even worse, seen and captured! F0284
You Will Admit You Are Pathetic Sissy Pervert
22nd May, 2016 / Video length: 5:17
Your wife has sent you to me after finding you alone in the house dressed in her clothes & lingerie. She confronted you but even dressed like a sissy you would not admit you had problem. However you will admit it to me, I have humiliating ways of making you! So I will make you strip naked and make you put on some very pretty pink lace backed panties. Then, if you still won’t admit you are a sissy loser, I will bend you over my knee and spank you in those pretty panties until you do! Oh and I will be sending you home to your wife still wearing them, and you will tell her about the whole humiliating session we shared. F0239
Your Third High Heel Aversion Therapy Session
19th May, 2016 / Video length: 7:42
It is time for your third high heel aversion therapy. I hope you have been doing your homework. So did you manage to control yourself fully while you sucked on my red high heels? Today I will first test you by dangling my sexy nude coloured high heels in front of you. You will watch and control yourself or you will fell my leather paddle against your privates! I will then make you lick the soles of my shoes, and suck on the heel, however you must still control yourself or else. Finally I will show you the soles of my pretty nylon feet while you breathe in the inside of my warm shoe. F0233
Hypnotic Foot Show with My Cute Black Strappy Heels
16th May, 2016 / Video length: 4:16
I am wearing my black sandals with the pretty patterned heels. You can watch this hypnotic shoe show up close as I move my feet around in front of you. The cute ankle straps make the sandals look even more elegant and the pretty heel is irresistible. I slowly undo the ankle strap and dangle the heels off my sexy toes as I flex them, spreading and wiggling lots. As one shoe drops I turn my attention to just the one shoe as I play with it using my nimble little feet. You will be left to dream of running your tongue up and down my strappy sandals & bare soles for weeks to come! F0155
Finding My Worn Panties Underneath Your Pillow
13th May, 2016 / Video length: 6:07
I have found my sexy black panties underneath your pillow. Has it really come to this? You fishing my worn panties out of washing basket to sniff, and who only knows what else you do with them. What you don’t know is that these are the panties I worn when I last went to see my lover. So while you have been sniffing & licking these panties it is not just me you have been tasting, but him too! I intend to humiliate you even further. You will play with yourself and make even more of a mess in these panties, then lick them some more. Oh and I shall film it all and send the video to my lover, he will find it very amusing to see just how pathetic and ridiculous you really are! F0128