Watch From Under the Bed As I Change My Sheer Tights
10th May, 2016 / Video length: 5:45
I am staying in a hotel and have arrived back to the room after a long day. You can have a candid view from underneath the bed as I walk up and down before sitting on the edge of the bed and slipping off my heels. I rub the soles of my feet as they hurt after a long day, the tights feel so warm after being in my heels or day, but still so soft against me. I am planning to go out again for the evening so I slip off my outfit and my soft warm tights. I choose some new tights to wear this evening and decide on my black seamed tights with a Cuban heel. I know I will get noticed in these super sexy tights and you can watch closely as I slip them over my feet and up my shapely calf. F0192
Using My Shrunken Man as a Bookmark
7th May, 2016 / Video length: 6:42
I have gone to my library to choose a book to read, but what do I find hidden between the books!? A tiny shrunken man I have previously has to punish. I have no idea why he would be so bold. Maybe he just wanted to worship my from eye level, desperate to look into my gorgeous blue grey giantess eyes. The main problem with being a shrunken slave, you rarely get to stare into my pretty eyes!However I am not impressed when I find him, I do not like the through of these dirty little men scurrying all over my precious books! So there is only one thing for it, punishment! I sit on him and he tries to hid in my pants which just angers me further, then I realise what a good human bookmark he would make and slip him onto a page of my book before slamming it closed and leaving his head poking out marking my page. F0285
Punishing the Two Shrunken Men I Find In My Bed
4th May, 2016 / Video length: 4:30
I am wearing my cute pink lingerie and sheer pink dressing gown ready for bed. As I pull back the cover what should I find? That's right, two tiny shrunken men! At less than an inch high I still recognise them. I shrunk them a few months ago for perving on me and making lured comments a bar. They clearly haven't learned their lesson!A grab them both and hold them tightly between my fingers. How dare they sneak into my bed?! The worthless, pointless, tiny men thought they could wait for me to fall asleep and then climb all over my naked body! They must be punished further, so I take them one by one, first dropping them into my cleavage, suffocating them. Then they must contend with being forced into my armpit face first and being wedged in between my warm toes! Then finally I flick the off my bedside table, reminding them they are completely powerless and I am their giant goddess! F0281
Punishing a Tiny Man by Squashing Him with My Bottom
1st May, 2016 / Video length: 4:25
You have tried to run across my lunge floor without being seen, you are only one inch tall so how you thought you could manage this is a mystery. It takes you forever to run any distance being so small, so I easily caught you and now you must be punished. First I show you just how insignificant you are by making you feel the sole of my shoe bare down on you. Just when you think I will squash the life out of you I release the pressure. But only because I want to sit on you and squash you under my big, perfect round bottom! F0289
My High Heel Boots May Be the Last Thing You Ever See
28th April, 2016 / Video length: 4:10
I have come back from a session of torturing full size men and I am wearing my black PVC catsuit & boots. As I sit down at my dressing table I look under my bed to check for dirty little shrunken men as I know that where they like to hide. When I spot you I am determined to teach you a lesson! However I cant quite reach you! I grab at you with my hands, my long pointy nails flashing before you. Then I try to get my foot under the bed, desperately trying to stamp on you. As I get more and more frustrated I threaten you, telling you what I will do to you if I ever do catch you. Eventually I give up but heed this warning, you will have to come out sometime and I will be waiting! F0295
Tiny Shrunken Man Is Brave Enough To Stare Up My Skirt
25th April, 2016 / Video length: 5:05
I am not sure if you are brave or just stupid, but while I bend over to look for a book you have come out from under the sofa and you are standing in between my heeled feel and staring up my skirt. You are only one and a half inches tall since I shrunk you so my panty gusset must look a long long way above your head! You may have got your eye full but when I catch you are not so clever as I first squash you a little under the sole of my shoe and then really squash you under my big giant bare foot! F0286
Sexy Tease In My Patterned Holdups Under My Mini Skirt
22nd April, 2016 / Video length: 4:48
I am on my way out for the day and think that it is only fair I give you a quick tease first. You can see the tops of my holdups poking out from under my skirt and as I hitch it up a little more you can see them griping my thighs. As I tease you I run my hands all over my legs feeling the softness, cross and uncross my long legs and give you a close up of my lace tops. F0210
Sexy Foot Shoe In My Cute Pink Slip On High Heels
19th April, 2016 / Video length: 3:07
I am wearing my cute pink & silver high heel slip on strappy sandals. I move my feet around in them and you can hear the inner sole of the sandals slapping against my heels. I dangle my heels in front of you giving you a close up of my pretty toes as I spread them to keep them dangling. When I slip both shoes off I use my nimble feet to play with the sandals, grabbing the heel with my toes and then letting the straps slip in between. F0152
Choosing Your Chastity Belt So I Can Control You
16th April, 2016 / Video length: 7:19
I have found stains on the bed sheets in the spare room and there is only one thing they could be! You have not played with yourself in our bed since our last discussion but instead you have had the nerve to go and do these vulgar acts in the spare bed. I have told you how you need to learn to control yourself and if you don’t learn soon I WILL put you in a chastity device! You sit there watching as I look through my phone for a suitable device. With you having such a small cock it proves harder to find on than I thought. Eventually I find one specifically created for small dick losers, a 3cm cage. Perfect! That would keep you well and truly in check. So maybe you should try harder or I will buy it, and I will be buying it on your credit card! F0127
Watch Closely As I Swing My Feet In My Strappy Heels
13th April, 2016 / Video length: 6:18
I am wearing my very pretty silver sandals with Diamanté detail. I want you to watch closely as I swing my feet backwards and forwards. I show you the soles of my sandals and the sexy heels and you can clearly see my cute toes and toenails. These sandals fit me perfectly. I slip off each sandal one by one, dangling the sandals in turn and feeling the straps in between my toes as they hang off my feet. When I have just the one shoe dangling I double dip and use both of my feet to pull and play with the sandal, flashing you my soft bare soles. You will become obsessed with my feet and left dreaming of sticking your tongue deep between my toes. F0141
Controlling You with My Legs In High Shine Stockings
10th April, 2016 / Video length: 5:12
I am wearing my high shine natural stockings with my pretty white six strap suspender belt, satin peach coloured lingerie and white high heels. I tease you as I show off my legs, you won’t be able to take your eyes off me, and you will be unaware that I’m controlling you completely as you watch. The stockings are so shiny and soft they glide over each other as I cross and uncross my legs. I love playing with the stocking tops as they are even silkier to the touch. You will be captivated as I run my hands up and down my long legs. I slide my heels on and off before dangling them from my toe. As I bend over you will get a great view of the suspender belt shaping around my bottom. F0189
Organising My Collection of Tiny Men that I Have Shrunk
7th April, 2016 / Video length: 9:45
I now have so many shrunken men that I have captured that I should really document them all. This will mean that it is easier to keep track of them all and it means I can make sure none are escaping. So with my tank full of shrunken men I begin to measure and count all the different sizes. I log them on my note book, even making notes on the shrunken cars in case any shrunken men try to use them for a quicker escape. However when I get to the smallest shrunken men there are just too many for me to be bothered counting. These teeny tiny men are the lowest of the low, having offended me the most they have ended up being shrunk the smallest. There are just too many of these tiniest men so I decide to dispose of a few by dropping them into my glass of water and drinking them down whole! The rest I can sprinkle in my dinner later! F0317
Mixing Tiny Shrunken Worthless Men into My Sugar Bowl
4th April, 2016 / Video length: 5:49
I have managed to trap a significant number of my smallest shrunken men in one go and have been keeping them in my tank. I have been thinking about what I should do with them. I would love a cup of tea so there seems only one logical solution.I place the tank full of insignificant tiny men on my dining table and fetch my hot cup of tea and sugar bowl. I slowly spoon the tiny shrunken men into my sugar bowl and watch as they struggle as I mix them all in. All the tiny men can do is watch and wait and see if they are spooned into my hot cup of tea I am about to drink all the way down! F0292
Flushing Shrunken Men Down the Toilet Into the Sewer
1st April, 2016 / Video length: 4:22
I have found five shrunken men in the pocket of my tight denim skirt. I'm sure these tiny perverts were up to no good so I am going to get rid of them once and for all. I have decided the best way to dispose of them is to flush them down the toilet into the sewer; they will struggle to get back to me, their giant goddess, from there! So one by one I take them out of my pocket, dropping each one head first into the toilet bowl before flushing it fully. That will teach them! F0303
Shrinking & Swallowing Your Friend Whole In Front Of You
28th March, 2016 / Video length: 6:14
You two got off lightly when I shrunk you. I only shrunk you to two had a half inches rather than the tiny one inchers. However it would seem you do not appreciate just how lenient I was, having caught you up to all sorts you need to be punished. So I decide to make an example of your friend, hopefully watching what fate befalls him will make you think twice about your future behaviour.I make you take one last look at your friend before I shrink him as small as possible, less than 10mm high, he is so small he barely exists, he is so insignificant to me and the rest of the world, and this means only one thing. I hope you are fully prepared as I force you to watch as I drop your friend into my mouth and swallow him whole! F0288