Explaining My Shrinking Powers to a Friend
25th March, 2016 / Video length: 8:59
I have invited my friend over so I can show her my unique shrinking powers. Earlier I trapped an inch high man under a glass for us to torment and to prove my power exists. I show her the teeny tiny man under the glass, I explain that I shrink men (and occasionally women) if they annoy or offend me, which men seem to do a lot!I tell her how all these shrunken men infest my house and I always have to trap and terminate them. We both have great fun, suffocating the defenceless little pathetic man in our bras, sitting on him, and putting him in our warm moist mouths, not to mention trapping him in between our warm toes! F0283
Teasing You As I Get Ready To Go Out On The Pull
22nd March, 2016 / Video length: 5:33
You have gone to bed very early. I know it is so you can lie in bed and watch me get ready for night out. As I apply my makeup in just my lingerie and silky dressing gown you better put your hands where I can see them or else! I've told you I am going out with my friends but make no mistake I fully intend to pick up a man and bring him back. That is why I am wearing my pretty satin lingerie set. I bet you wish you could get your hands on me in this lingerie, but I am not letting a loser like you touch me, even if you are my 'boyfriend', but we know you only have that title so I can spend all your money. Oh and everything tonight will be paid for on your credit card. You will never get to have sexual relations with me but I do enjoy letting you perv and winding you up, and I know when you leave you will be playing with yourself like a desperate loser. F0106
I Have Brought A Big Alpha Male Home With Me
19th March, 2016 / Video length: 3:56
I'm glad you are still up. You usually stay up when I am on a night out, is it because you don't trust me? Well you're right not to trust me because I have brought a big alpha male back home with me. He is a real man, big, strong & well hung, not pathetic and weak like you. So I am going to fetch him so I can enjoy him in our bed, you will hide in the wardrobe but I want you to make sure you can hear everything. I want you to hear me with a real man, and hear how they can satisfy me, unlike you. However seeing as I am feeling generous, why don't you take the thong I have been wearing and sniff it like a loser while you listen to all the naughty goings on. F0236
Mesmerised By My Sexy Feet in Gold Strappy High Heels
16th March, 2016 / Video length: 6:37
I just my sexy lingerie I am wearing some of my prettiest gold strappy high heel sandals. They make my feet look very sexy and you will be completely mesmerised as you watch me play with them. I have painted my toenails with a naughty red colour which looks perfect with these heels. I wiggle my toes in the shoes, give you a close up view, and then swing them in front of you. I undo the ankle straps and dangle the heels, letting the straps slip right in between my toes and wiggle them some more as I reveal my bare soles underneath. Finally I slip off both shoes and move them around with my feet, and there is lots and lots of sexy shoe play! F0149
Teasing You With My Over The Knee Satin Boots
13th March, 2016 / Video length: 5:35
I am wearing some of my sexiest high heels boots. They come just over my knee and are made of silky soft satin, with a pretty pattern on the back. You are already obsessed with my legs so this show will leave you drooling. As I walk around in them whilst wearing my sexy denim mini skirt, showing my long legs, putting my heels high up onto the table, and running my hands up and down them, you will not be able to control yourself. You know you will be dreaming of licking the soles and sucking the heels on these gorgeous boots! F0165
Perving on Me While I Try to Write My School Reports
10th March, 2016 / Video length: 7:26
I am behind with the students school reports. I have to check them all and add my Headmistress comments at the bottom before they can have them. I have been so busy all day the only time I have had is now I am in bed. I need to concentrate so you need to shut up and stay quiet. You are managing to stay quiet but you won’t stop staring. Is it because I am wearing my sexy white satin pyjamas? The shorts are very short and the top is low cut. I bet you are fantasising about all the things you would love to do to me but will never get the chance. But your relentless staring is distracting me. So look the other way you pervert or you will be kicked out of my bed you sad, pathetic loser! F0126
Worship My Feet In My Cute Sandals With Toe Thong
7th March, 2016 / Video length: 3:07
You can worship my gorgeous feet while I wear cute flat sandals with gorgeous toe thong. I wiggle, scrunch & spread my toes in the sandals clearly showing you the thongs in between. I slip the back strap off my heels and dangle the sandals from my pretty feet, letting the straps slip in and out from between my toes. There is lots of shoe play and you can clearly see my sexy bare soles too. F0134
Strengthening My Control with Sexy Holdup Show
4th March, 2016 / Video length: 7:53
You will buy this sexy holdup stocking tease clip and allow me to strengthen my control over you even more. I am wearing them underneath a sexy outfit and with my favourite natural high heels. I flash you the lace tops, giving you a nice close up. Stroking and caressing the holdups, they feel so soft I can’t keep my hands of them, and they make my legs look really long! I cross & uncross my legs, slowly rubbing the nylons together, eventually slipping of my sexy outfit so you can see my in just my lingerie and holdups. You can see just how long my legs are and the pretty pattern on the nylons. I dangle my heels for you before slipping them off completely and showing you my sexy nylon soles, with a nice close up so you can see every detail. I rub the soles against my legs so you can hear the soft nylon rubbing together. F0184
Teasing You in Sexy Sheer Tights with My Friend Sophia
1st March, 2016 / Video length: 6:27
I know how weak you are and I know a sexy tight show with my friend Sophia will just weaken you even more. We are both wearing sexy outfits with miniskirts and sexy high heels. We take turns filming each other as we rub our legs together feeling the softness, crossing and uncrossing our own legs and across each other’s. I film Sophia as she bends over showing you her cheeky reinforced gusset before she gets down low to film right up my skirt showing off my gusset too! We run our hands up and down our own legs and each other’s, it feel so nice having my legs stroked while wearing these soft sheer tights. You know you will be drooling as you watch this clip, like the loser you are. F0191
Transfixed As I Change Into My Sexy Suede Boots
28th February, 2016 / Video length: 5:29
You have a perfect candid view of my gorgeous long legs as I get changed from my elegant high heels into my sexy high heel suede boots. You are transfixed as I slip my heels off my pretty little feet, dangling a little before letting them fall. Then I will slide my feet, one by one, into my suede boots and give you a sexy boot show. Walking up and down, stroking the suede, and close ups of the long slim heel & sole. You should be aware that you may just become even more obsessed after watching this clip. F0161
Addictive Foot Show In My Sexy Red Strappy Sandals
25th February, 2016 / Video length: 5:01
If you were addicted to me and my pretty feet before buying this clip may make you even worse. I am wearing my gorgeous red strappy sandals. I give you intense close ups as show you the elegant heels then I wiggle and spread my toes in my sandals as much as I can. I point my toes showing off my sexy nail polish. I undo the ankle straps and dangle the heels off my toes, giving you an even closer view of the balls of my feel and toes as I do, and you can see the straps deep in between my toes. Finally there is lots of shoe play as I use my cute little feet to pull on my shoes. F0154
Taking Control Of You & Your Pathetic Life
22nd February, 2016 / Video length: 4:21
I saw you out and about and I have invited you back to my house. Unfortunately for you it is not for what you are hoping for. I spotted your nice watch and expensive suit, but I could also tell you are just a weak lost soul in need a a woman to take control of you. I think, deep down, you knew I only invited you back her because I had an agenda. I will allow you to spend time in my company but only because I will allow you to become one of my financial slaves. I know you are desperate to be near my at any cost so I will take full advantage. Also if I like the look of your house I will take that too and you can find yourself a tiny bedsit to rent. When you are in my company you will of course do chores and generally worship me in all manner of ways, your new mistress & owner. One of these chores will be to lick my heels clean every time I see you, and you can start licking now right now! F0091
Your Second High Heel Aversion Therapy Session
19th February, 2016 / Video length: 8:08
It is time for your follow up session for your depraved high heel, foot & leg obsession. I need to test you to make sure you have been practising controlling yourself. So first of all you need to strip off your trousers and underpants so I can see if any stirring occurs. You will now stare at my shiny red stiletto heels while I dangle them, exposing my pantyhose feet. I need to make sure you can control yourself and if you cannot you will feel my wooden paddle against your delicate areas! Once you have proved you can control yourself on this test I will take it further and you will get on on your knees and lick and suck my heels and see if you can control yourself at this next stage. F0232
Watch Me With My Lover You Loser
16th February, 2016 / Video length: 5:28
My lover is coming over again, that is why I am wearing my sexy black baby doll and naughty stockings. You are allowed to watch us again but this time we thought it would be very funny if you played with your tiny cock while you watched us make love. You can stroke yourself while you watch just now naughty we are together, because you can only dream about getting to do these things to me, because you will never get near me with that tiny dick. However I do not want you to enjoy it too much and if you do make a mess you will be made to eat it all up like a complete and utter loser, just to make it as humiliating as possible! F0125
Worship My Gorgeous Suede Diamanté High Heel Boots
13th February, 2016 / Video length: 3:44
I am wearing my light brown, suede diamanté high heel boots. They are very sexy, especially on my gorgeous long legs. You know you will want to worship them, for their beauty and because I am wearing them. You can lick the soles and suck the heels as I stretch my legs out towards you. However the worshipping doesn’t stop there as I order you to lie on the floor and look up at me, then you can worship me and my boots as I tower over you and bring the boots down towards your face. F0173