I'm Going to Allow You to Watch Me with My Lover
10th February, 2016 / Video length: 5:18
My lover is coming over soon that is why I am wearing my sexy black baby doll with black stockings, suspenders & high heels. Let’s face it I wouldn’t wear this for you! I think it is time you watched me with my lover, so tonight I will make love to him in our bed, but you will be forced to stay and watch. You will witness every single passionate & explicit act from start to finish and you will not be allowed to leave. Both my lover and I will regularly make eye contact and remind you just how much we are enjoying ourselves, how you will never get the chance do these things to me and that you are a small dicked loser. However if you should get aroused you better not touch it! You will not get any pleasure from this experience, just upset, frustration & heart break! F0124
You Will Become my Pet Slave & Live In My Shed
7th February, 2016 / Video length: 4:12
You claim you wanted to come around to borrow some books from my extensive educational library. However is soon becomes clear that you will make up any excuse because you are just so desperate to be in my company, and to especially perv on my gorgeous long legs & ass in these tight wet look leggings. Do you actually think you have a chance of ever getting inside my leggings & panties? Do you not realise that I am so far out your league it is laughable, I am superior to all men never mind perverts like yourself. However there is one way you can spend time in my presence, and that is to hand over all everything to me, and I mean everything, and become completely devoted to me. You will sign over all your bank accounts and then you will live in the shed at the bottom of my garden, and you will only ever be allowed out when I need you to serve me. F0099
Sexting My Alpha Male Lover As I Lie In Bed Next To You
4th February, 2016 / Video length: 10:22
One of the ways I cope with having to share a bed with you, the biggest loser husband there is, is by sexting with my lover. He sends me all kinds of naughty pictures and messages. I especially enjoy it when we talk about just how small your cock is and how pathetic you are. We are discussing our next sex fest and he is saying how he thinks it’s time we fucked in front of you. He thinks it’s time you saw how a real man with a big cock can pleasure your wife, and it will serve as a brutal reminder that you will never get the chance because you have such a tiny dick. We want it to be hell for you; we want it to crush whatever is left of your self-esteem, and as you stand in the corner and watch you better not get turned on like a perverted loser! F0123
You're a Small Dicked Loser Husband & I Need a Real Man
1st February, 2016 / Video length: 3:21
Your company bores me and you are a useless husband with a small dick. So I am going out tonight to find myself a real man. I have never actually liked you. You just had the financial means that convinced me to marry you, and even then I made you wait until our wedding night. Imagine my further disappointment when I discovered you had a tiny dick! We never did end up consummating the marriage; I was certainly never going to go near your pathetic excuse of a cock! So tonight I will find a real stud, and they will get to do all those things to me you can only dream of. I may even bring him back here, to our marital bed, and make you watch. Hopefully this should obliterate and self-confidence you may have left! Oh and you should also understand that the guy I bring home tonight will be the first of many! F0235
Perving On Me While I Sleep
28th January, 2016 / Video length: 4:18
You are such a loser is it any wonder why I never want to be involved with you sexually. You are lucky I let you share my bed at all so thinking you may ever get anything more is a far flung fantasy. You never even get to see me fully naked, but oh how you long for the chance to see even more of my sexy body exposed. However tonight I am wearing one of my more flimsy night dresses. As you watch me sleep like usual you can’t believe your luck as my night dress looks like it may slip off my shoulder. As I move around in my sleep it slowly sides down a little more. Will you be lucky enough for one of my perfect breasts to fall out!? F0121
Buy This Clip You Loser & Consider Yourself Ripped Off
25th January, 2016 / Video length: 4:29
You know you will buy this clip, even though it is highly over priced! You are so pathetic you just won’t be able to help yourself. You can see I am wearing my tight white dress and matching high heels and it drives you wild, the face you can see my sexy panty line ever so slightly underneath just adds to your desperation. You are so easy to rinse it is embarrassing; getting money out of you is so easy! What is it like being such a loser, a loser that gives up his hard earned money so easily to beautiful women who you will never ever have? So as you click ‘Buy Now’ I want you to feel like the loser you are, oh and you can also start thinking about how much you will tribute you me to show your appreciation of this amazing clip. F0104
My Lover Is Coming Over So You're In the Spare Room
22nd January, 2016 / Video length: 7:17
I am wearing my pretty pink babydoll and natural lace top holdups, finished off with white stilettos. I know how much you love high heels and especially on me, your perfect wife. However, you shouldn’t get too excited; you must know that this is not for your benefit. You can only dream of me wearing this for you! I am wearing this sexy outfit because my sexy alpha male lover is coming over tonight. I plan on letting him do all those things you desperately want to do to me, and oh my, he can do them so well! With your pathetic small dick you can’t do anything! So you will have to sleep in the spare room. We don’t what you spoiling our fun. Oh and I don’t plan on being quiet so I’m sure you will hear exactly how much I am enjoying myself! F0122
Sexy Dark Tights with Reinforced Toe & Gusset
19th January, 2016 / Video length: 9:04
I am wearing very sexy dark tights. They are covered by my tight white dress and worn with my black high heels. They feel so soft against my legs I have to tease you with them. I cross & uncross my legs rubbing the soft, sheer nylons together, I bet you wish you could stroke my legs and feel the softness too. As I sit back I open my legs and show you the sexy reinforced gusset and the tights as they grip my thighs. I slip off my heels so I can give you a close up of the soles of these pretty tights along with the reinforced toe. I stroke the soles of me feel, feeling how soft they are before rubbing the soles against my long legs. You will be completely mesmerised, and it is highly possible you will end up totally obsessed with my perfect long nylon covered legs! F0188
I Will Be Staying at My Lovers House Tomorrow Night
16th January, 2016 / Video length: 5:58
As I lie next to you in my pretty night dress you stare like you always do, I know you are thinking about how I never wear panties under my night dresses and you are trying to keep your erection under control. As you concentrate I explain I will be meeting my sexy Headmaster lover tomorrow after school is finished and how I plan to go back to his. I tell you how he is an amazing lover, so big and strong, he definitely knows how to please me with his fat cock. We often laugh about you, he can’t get over how you let me do whatever I like, even when you get nothing from me sexually whatsoever. I have told him just how small your dick is and he finds that even more amusing. Anyway, it might be best you don’t wait up as I will not be coming home and you will have to sleep alone! F0120
Watch My Sexy Feet Dangling High Heels in the Stream
13th January, 2016 / Video length: 5:42
A captivating birdseye view as I show you my sexy high heel sandals. They are very sexy, and you can watch from above as I walk to the edge of the stream. I sit on the side and slip my feet into the stream while still wearing my sandals. The water feels nice as it runs over feet, I wiggle my toes and spread them as much as I can, feeling the water run in between them. I slip off the sandals, dangling them above the water before playing them, treading on them as they lie in the stream as I feel the cold water run over my bare feet. F0136
Sexy Patterned Tights Underneath my Tight Denim Shorts
10th January, 2016 / Video length: 7:49
I am wearing black patterned tights underneath my very tight denim shorts with sexy black strappy sandals. The tights & shorts makes my legs look even longer than normal and as I show you the back of the tights you can see the pretty wide seamed pattern running all the way from my toe up to just under my bottom cheeks. As I play with the tights I stroke my legs, pulling the waist band up so you can see it poking out above my shorts, before unbuttoning them and showing you the front seam. I pull the legs of the shorts up as much as possible showing you as much of my nylon clad bottom that I can. There’s lots of lingering legs shots with lots of crossing and uncrossing, stretching the nylon and close ups of my toes in my sandals. F0203
Teasing You in My Sexy High Heel Brown Suede Boots
7th January, 2016 / Video length: 7:19
I am wearing my favourite brown suede, high heel, over the knee boots. They make my legs look very long and sexy, especially with my tight jeans. I walk around in them, give you close ups of the slim high heels, and I know you are desperate to worship & lick these heels like a loser. I tease you more and more as I cross and uncross my legs close in front of you, swinging & crossing my ankles. These boots are so elegant, and if you buy this clip it will just make you even more addicted to me! F0168
Cruel Aversion Therapy for your Perverted Foot Addiction
4th January, 2016 / Video length: 10:10
You have been sent to me for therapy to try and control your increasing perverted obsession with high heels, legs & feet. Women have been complaining how you spend a lot of your time starring at their legs with your hands in your trousers and it has been decided therapy may help you. However no one knows that my therapy for perverted losers is not conventional. Instead of the official training I have I will turn you into a sub, my slave. I will redirect your obsession all onto me so I can control you completely and therefore leaving every day more sensitive women well alone. I start the therapy by dangling my cute white high heels in front of you, as you sit in front of me with your pathetic cock out you WILL control yourself or I will dig my long nails into your privates! This aversion therapy will make sure by the end of our session your cock is well under way to being completely under my control! F0231
Thinking About How I'm Not Wearing Any Panties
1st January, 2016 / Video length: 5:20
I have bought a new night dress to wear to bed. Normally I am in just my little short & vest sets but I fancied something different. However I find these night dresses a lot more comfortable without panties. You shouldn’t think about it too much though, remember you should be trying to control that tiny dick of yours. However as I lie in bed reading you are staring at me, you are still thinking about it aren’t you?! You are such a pathetic loser you cannot control yourself. You cannot think about anything but my bare bottom half under my new night dress. You better not get an erection! F0119
Increase your Addiction & Watch My Layered Nylon Tease
28th December, 2015 / Video length: 6:49
I am wearing my gorgeous stockings over sheer tights in with a reinforced gusset. I tease you, increasing your addiction. I give you a very sexy leg show, bending over showing the gusset of the coloured tights and my sexy six strap suspender belt. I cross & uncross mu legs before dangling my black high heel mules off my toe as I give you a close up of my long nylon legs. I then slip off my heels altogether so I can show you my toes & soles through this double layered nylon. F0227