Worship My Perfect Body In My Full Body Stocking
25th December, 2015 / Video length: 5:50
This is the first time I have ever worn a full body stocking, and I have to say I could get used to it! It feels amazing as my whole body is encased in soft sheer nylon. I am wearing this black body stocking with my classic black stilettos and a thong underneath, but no bra! I tease you, crossing and uncrossing my legs, dangling my heels and letting you see all my nylon covered body, full length and close up. You are so pathetic you will want to submit even further when you have watch this clip! F0221
Admire Your Goddess’ Legs in Her Gorgeous White Tights
22nd December, 2015 / Video length: 10:25
I have been invited to a princess themed fancy dress party, it is not my normal style but it does mean I have the perfect excuse to wear my gorgeous white patterned large seamed tights. To finish the outfit off I am wearing them with my silver sparkly high heel strappy sandals. I love how the wide pattern seam on these tights starts just under my bum cheeky and descends all the way down to my sole and all the way to my toe. I make sure I take my dress off so I can show you these tights in their full glory; and you know you will be drooling throughout. Crossing and crossing my legs you can see close up and as I slip my heels off you can watch as I dangle them from my toe. You know full well I will have all the male attention at the party! F0208
It Is Time for Me Start a Full Blow Affair
19th December, 2015 / Video length: 9:40
Even though I have cheated on you on and off, even sleeping with your close friends, I still feel unsatisfied. You are never going to get a chance to even attempt to satisfy me and my sporadic liaisons with other men are no longer enough. So I plan to start a full blown affair so I can have a real man on tap, and I have the perfect alpha male in mind. The Headmaster of St Hugh’s School for Boys popped into my office today to discuss his naughty boys and I had forgotten just how spectacular he is! So tall, dark and muscular, classically good looking and charming, and by all accounts hung like a horse! So after flirty chat we have exchanged numbers and let’s just say we have been texting each other a lot and they have been getting naughtier & naughtier! Shall I show you just how well hung he is, just to remind you just how inadequate you are!? F0118
Teasing You Outdoors With My Sexy Lace Top Stockings
16th December, 2015 / Video length: 9:11
I am wearing gorgeous sheer natural lace top stockings with a white six strap suspender belt. These stockings are so soft and have a gorgeous sparkle & shine to them, especially in the sun light. I am wearing them underneath my pretty summer dress and with my cute flat lace pumps. I give you a sexy show, running my hands up and down my legs, slipping my hands into the stockings stretching them over my skin. I cross and uncross my legs and dangle my cute shoes from my toes before slipping my pumps off completely and showing you my sexy soles and my toes wiggling in the nylons. You will not be able to take your eyes off me; you will be transfixed by my beautiful legs! F0226
Watch My Pretty Feet Swing In My Cute Flowery Sandals
13th December, 2015 / Video length: 5:41
My cute flowery flat sandals are the perfect summery accessory. They are so pretty and really show off my feet, plus the thong sits heavenly in between my toes, such a nice feeling. You have the perfect candid view as I swing and play with them in front of you. Admire how pretty my feet look and how the sandals fit perfectly. I spread my toes and scrunch them up inside the sandal before slipping them off and dangling a lot, swapping one sandal between my two feet. Then, when the sandal drops, you can watch my bare feet as I spread my toes some more and flash you my soles. You will be worshipping my perfect feet in no time! F0142
Worship My Sexy Tan Cowboy Boots
10th December, 2015 / Video length: 5:39
I am wearing a very sexy & cute pair of tan cowboy boots. They have a medium heel and look great with my denim mini skirt. You know you would like to lick the dirt off the bottom of these gorgeous boots as you look up at me and my long legs. As I walk around in my boots and give you intimate close ups you will longingly wish you were at my feet, but it is just your desperate little fantasy and you will just have to keep dreaming. F0177
Webcam Recording of Small Penis Humiliation Session
7th December, 2015 / Video length: 5:48
I have recorded one of my small cock webcam sessions with one of my regular small dicked slaves. He deserves the humiliation of knowing that everyone can view his pathetic webcam session where I explain just how pointless he is. I tell him that his 3 and a half inch dick is no use to anyone, and seeing as he cannot give pleasure with it he should never receive any pleasure either. I expect him to refrain from touching it all unless I say otherwise and he better obey. I may even get him a printed T-shirt stating he has a small dick and he is useless, then, at least, all women will know in advance and not have any nasty shocks! This guy is such a loser; I hope you enjoy watching his pathetic webcam session. F0095
How Dare You Play With Yourself When I’m Asleep
4th December, 2015 / Video length: 4:18
I noticed this morning that there were some inexcusable stains on the bedding, and there is clearly only one thing this could be! You have been playing with yourself while I sleep next to you. This is not acceptable, you are a disgusting loser and that small dick should not be hard, never mind played with, while you are in this bed! You were playing with it as you sniffed my hair like the desperate loser you are and that was all you needed, I bet you only latest a few seconds! You need to make sure this never happens again or I will chastise you! Now go and sleep in the spare room, you are NOT sharing this bed tonight! F0117
Worship My Unusual Sexy High Heel Ankle Boots
1st December, 2015 / Video length: 6:21
I thought I would give you the opportunity to worship some of my more unusual high heel boots. These Irregular Choice ankle boots are definitely acquired taste but I am sure I can convince you to worship them and they will become a favourite. The pretty painted sole, the cute heel, the blue satin lining and the pretty bow all help captivate you, and the fact I am wearing them should mean you will soon fall in love with them. So get ready to lick the beautiful soles & heels and please your Goddess! F0175
Close Up View As I Walk in My Sexy Wedge Sandals
28th November, 2015 / Video length: 2:03
I am wearing my gorgeous natural coloured strappy wedge sandals, and as I go for a walk you can have a candid view from the knee down. My feet look so pretty in these wedges, and you watch my feet up close as I walk, you can also hear the rhythmic sound of my shoes on the path. However I do hope you realise just how mesmerised you will become by your goddess’ beautiful feet! F0151
Teasing You with my Gorgeous New High Heel Boots
25th November, 2015 / Video length: 3:53
I have a new pair of high heel suede boots. They are very sexy so I thought I would give you a show so you can adore me and my boots. I give you a close up, showing you the elegant heel, running my nails up and down the suede. As I run my tongue along the heel you will start to feel desperate, oh how you would love to worship me in these boots! Then, when I get up to take walk, you can look down on them, watching my legs swing backwards and forward s in the boots, wishing it was you I was walking on rather than the hard ground. F0185
I Shall Control All Your Perverted Sexual Bedtime Habits
22nd November, 2015 / Video length: 6:30
Lately you seem to be having even more uncontrollable urges than normal, resulting in your tiny cock almost constantly standing to attention when you are in my nice bed. This is disgusting; I cannot bare the thought that you are sexually aroused when lying next to me. So if you are going to continue to share my bed we need to establish some strict rules. You need to learn to control all your small dick urges. You will have no erections, and definitely not masturbate unless I allow it. I Appreciate this may not be an easy adjustment to make, especially when you have to sleep next to me every night, but I will allow you some adjustment time. This will also ensure you are trained properly into a psychological chastisement, otherwise you may end up in a physically chastisement, and I am sure you don’t want the humiliation of that do you!? F0116
Admire My Well Worn Flowery High Heels with Toe Prints
19th November, 2015 / Video length: 5:52
I am wearing my sexy party dress and my favourite party high heel sandals. They are a soft natural gold/pink colour and have gorgeous flowers running up the main strap and have an elegant high heel. I give you a sexy show, wiggling my toes, the slip them off and dangle them in front of you, then finally showing you the cute toe prints inside the shoe, left from all the times my feet have got warm while I have been dancing . You know you want to bury your face in my worn heels! F0148
Watch My Gorgeous Feet, Cute Toes & Painted Toenails
16th November, 2015 / Video length: 8:48
You love my feet as much as the rest of me, they are a perfect part of me to worship. So I draw you in deeper buy filming my sexy feet & painted toenails, and I wiggle & spread my toes while I sun myself on my sun lounger. All you can do is dream about sticking your tongue in between them, sucking them and caressing them. Then as I sun myself you can lie on the floor and watch the soles of my feet. They are dirty from where I have been walking around outside with no shoes on. You are mesmerised as I show you my soles and wiggle and spread my toes. If only you deserved to lick them clean… but you can only dream, but you never know, maybe one day you will earn the honour of licking the filth from my dirty bare feet. CS0050
You Dirty Perverted Small Dicked Loser
13th November, 2015 / Video length: 5:34
Did you not think I would catch you in my office? What were you hoping to see? I bet you were hoping to get a look up my skirt as I bent over weren’t you? Well you will pay, strip now! Oh dear, what a small dick. That must be embarrassing for you. I bet you’re a virgin aren’t you? I bet any girl that lays eyes on it makes her excuses to leave, to get away from you as soon as possible. Well I want to see if that tiny dick gets any bigger. As I flash you my perfect panty ass & cleavage I notice you twitch and it is not long before you are standing to attention. It hasn’t grown much has it! You really are a pathetic small dicked loser. Well seeing as you and your pin dick are pointless maybe I can find a use for you. You will become my slave, that way at least your dick will have some use... making me laugh! F0094