Time to Sign Your Business Over to Me
10th November, 2015 / Video length: 4:41
It is bedtime again and as you stare across at me you notice my cute night wear is a little more see through than normal, and there is a reason for this. I have decided it is time you signed your business over to me. It is time I was the 100% shareholder so I can control all aspects of the business, especially the finances. However you will remain running the company because even though you are a total pathetic loser you are good at making money. I may even pay you a wage if you are lucky, and I will, of course, stick by my promise of you continuing to let you share my bed at night, even though you only get to lie next to me and nothing else. I will be telling everyone that works for you that you have signed it all over to me, it is important they know what a loser you are and how utterly infatuated and controlled by me you are! It will be one of your most humiliating experiences yet! F0115
Buy This Clip Loser & Pay for My Trip to Norway
7th November, 2015 / Video length: 5:40
After visiting Norway in 2011 I have decided I would like to go back next month, and I thought it only fair that I let you losers pay for the trip. By purchasing this overpriced clip you will be making a relatively small contribution, however if you really want to be noticed you can always tribute me as well, because this trip will not be cheap. The sales from this clip will pay towards my flights, a posh hotel and also lots of spending money. Oh and let's not forget I’ll also need new clothes & shoes! So I think it is time to put your hand in your pocket and pay for your Goddess. I will also allow you losers to purchase custom clips while I am in Norway. You could have a personalised clip where I tell you how you are a pathetic loser who has paid for my expensive holiday. It would be filmed either in my posh hotel, as I shop around Oslo or even as I appreciate the view of one of Norway’s beautiful fjords. F0137
Stop Eating Your Dinner & Lick My High Heels
4th November, 2015 / Video length: 4:41
As you sit eating your dinner I am reminded just how much you repel me. You are disgusting, and everything about you annoys me. So as you stuff your face I put my feet on the table and order you to lick my heels, so stop eating and suck them! You are such a well trained loser you obey, but make sure you don’t leave any food on my heels or I will stick my shoes in your dinner. I hope you get grit in your mouth as you suck on my heels and lick the dirty soles. You are such a needy pervert, desperate loser with no self respect. Why are you such a loser? Do your friends know what I make you do? Do they all know you obey my every command, no matter how demeaning? F0109
You Will Buy Me Two New Cars for My School
1st November, 2015 / Video length: 5:29
I need a new car as I am planning a field trip with some of my favourite students and a nice big off road vehicle would be perfect, and it goes without saying they will need to be brand new fresh out the show room! I explain to you exactly the car I want and how you will buy it for me. In fact you can buy two of them, and then some of the other teachers can come too! So tomorrow you will go and buy me these two matching Land Rovers and remind yourself just how lucky you are that I am your wife and that I let you share my bed! F0114
Humiliating Therapy With My New Assistant & Myself
28th October, 2015 / Video length: 10:40
You have been sent to me because of your extreme insecurity issues. Apparently you cannot speak to women and you are desperate for a girlfriend. As my pretty assistant Sophia & I probe deeper it soon becomes obvious what the underlying issue is, and it is the same as all the other losers I get sent to me. Your insecurities come from having a tiny little dick. The trouble is small cocks offend me so much that I cannot bring myself to help men like you, you revolt me, so instead I humiliate and control you, explaining just how pathetic you really are. To make matters worse for you, myself & Sophia tease you a little, and your tiny member springs to life instantly, and we cannot pass the opportunity to measure it and see just how small you actually are! F0096
All The Things I Hate About You
25th October, 2015 / Video length: 8:57
It’s time we had a chat, so come and take a seat. I have been thinking about leaving you, you are a useless husband and I have had enough. However I am willing to give you one more chance. I am going to write a list, right here and right now. A list of all the things I hate about you and I will give you a chance to try and make them better, one last chance to be a better husband. I will list how you are rubbish in bed with your tiny dick, how you are going to be a cuckold, how you will give me ALL your money, how you will worship me properly every day and how I will turn you into a sissy for my entertainment, and this is just to name a few! F0110
I Am Going To Cheat On You with Your Friend
22nd October, 2015 / Video length: 8:08
As you are already aware we have a completely sexless marriage. You will never get near me as you are a small dicked loser husband and I find the thought of being sexual with you repulsive. However I still have needs and after meeting your gorgeous handsome friend the other day I think I have found the solution. So tomorrow you will take my sexiest dress to the dry cleaners and also buy me some new expensive ‘fuck me’ shoes to wear with it. I am meeting your friends after work and both you and I know what will happen. The chemistry between me and your friend was unmistakable; even you could clearly see it. When I dropped very large hints about the nature of our marriage he asked me out on a date right in front of you; even your friends don’t respect you. I will more than likely stay over at his place, so I wouldn’t expect me home at all tomorrow night! F0113
It Appears You Are Over Compensating For Something
19th October, 2015 / Video length: 6:02
After some flirty chit chat in a bar I have invited you home and into my bedroom. However I wouldn’t get too excited because to me it is obvious that you are over compensating for something, and I am pretty sure I know what. Your big car, big house and flashy watch are hiding your shameful secret, your tiny cock. I can tell men like you a mile off and you are how I afford to live my luxury life style. Now drop your trousers let’s see if I am right… Yes of course I am, and now I will explain to you how you will become my financial slave because it is the only way you will get to spend time with me. You will worship me while I rinse you. I will control you and your tiny dick completely, using erection taxes and maybe even a chastity belt if you fail to control yourself. So I hope you are ready for what awaits you! F0103
My New Slutty Boots Are Not For Your Benefit
16th October, 2015 / Video length: 4:40
I have bought myself some new over the knee, black, high heel slutty boots. Worn with my slutty dress these boots show off all of my gorgeous body. You drool as I tease you in them, but it will not be you who benefits from me wearing these boots, ohh no! All you can do is stare, because I am wearing this outfit & these boots out tonight and I intend to pick up a well hung man to enjoy me in them. I plan to leave the boots on throughout, and if you are very lucky I may send you pictures & videos of what I get up to! F0100
Teasing You Reminding You What You Can Never Have
13th October, 2015 / Video length: 6:29
Even though I hate having to share the bed with you it is sometimes funny to tease you. Knowing how utterly desperate you are to be with me in any sexual way whatsoever, even just to touch my body. I am wearing my gorgeous satin, lace trimmed, vest & shorts nightwear. I know you love satin and as I tease I move around in front of you, running my hands over the softness. You are hoping and praying that my thin straps might just slide off my shoulders revealing my cute perfect breasts. The trouble is I know exactly how to frustrate you and I let them slip off my shoulders. Unfortunately for you I am in completely in control and I catch my vest before it slips down so you do not get to see anything at all! Haha! F0112
Tonight I Am Going To Cheat On You
10th October, 2015 / Video length: 2:55
You know deep down that I have cheated on you before but I have never admitted it so you can convince yourself you are just being paranoid. However I am fed up of sneaking around behind your back. I want to cheat on you in the comfort of my own home where all my sexy clothes, lingerie & shoes are to hand. So tonight I will pick up a big strong alpha male and bring him back to our marital bed, but worst of all you will hide in the wardrobe and watch absolutely everything that goes on, I want it to upset you as much as possible! F0108
You Are My Cuckold & I Shall Fulfill My Needs Elsewhere
7th October, 2015 / Video length: 10:25
We have been married a while now and I have still not allowed you to so much as touch me. You thought once we were married you would get to be with me in all the ways you have been fantasing about. How wrong you were! What you need to understand is that you will never, ever, ever going to get to have any kind of sex with me. Having me as your wife and being seen out with me will have to be enough, and let’s face it you are such a loser that you will accept this. It will be our little secret that our marriage is a total sham, and no one will know you do not even get to share my bed. What you do need to understand though, is that I still have needs and they need to be fulfilled. So you should know I already have a well hung lover and from now on you will be my cuckold and nothing more! You will be spending your whole married life picturing me with my lover and playing with yourself like a loser! F0105
Oh How I Hate You Sharing My Bed
4th October, 2015 / Video length: 5:37
Marrying you was only for necessity, you know that! You are a nice cash cow for me and as much of a loser as you are you are good at making money; and being so weak you hand it over so readily because you are so infatuated with me. However the one promise I did make to you is that you could share my bed like a proper husband & wife. As much of a bitch I can be, I am still a woman of my word, and I suppose it is the least I can do, especially as I am never going to wear a wedding ring! However you need to remember you repulse me, and even though I allow you in the bed with me you can get rid of any thoughts you may get lucky. Your cock is so small and you are such a pathetic needy loser, I will never let you lay a finger on me, do you understand?! F0111
Sexy Stocking Tease Will Make Your Infatuation Grow
1st October, 2015 / Video length: 4:02
I am wearing gorgeous sheer natural stockings with a white lace suspender belt underneath a pretty white summer dress. Worn with very high sexy heels my gorgeous legs look even longer, and you know you will be drooling as you watch the clip. I tease you with my long legs before slipping off my dress so you can see my legs in all their glory, the straps of my suspender belt shaping my perfect bottom. Watch this clip closely, as I intend for it to make you even more obsessed with me & my perfect body. F0181
Never Try To Steal My Panties Again or You Will Pay
28th September, 2015 / Video length: 4:28
You have been working for me for just over a year now; you have told me you wanted to visit me at my home to discuss a promotion. However I soon discover this is just an excuse to sneak into my bedroom while I make a cup of tea to steal my panties! You must have got all flustered though as you have not succeeded in being discreet. The panties are sticking out your pocket and you are very embarrassed. I notice you have chosen a stain pair, so are satin panties your favourite? Well in that case you will love the panties I am wearing right now, shall I show you? As I tease you I explain that stealing my panties is NOT acceptable and if you wish to have some of my panties, including the pair I am wearing right now you will have to pay.... A LOT! It’s time to spend your savings! CS0082