Your Final Submission Therapy Session
25th September, 2015 / Video length: 5:27
Back again for your final session! I bet you are struggling with the fact it is your last session aren’t you? Well maybe if you please me I can make you a permanent slave, but I will decide your fate later date. In the mean time, how did you find my worn panties? Did you sleep with them over your face? I thought so, you loser! Well today you are going to give me everything else you own, I want to make sure I now have absolutely everything of yours, and as a treat you can take away the thong I am wearing. My worn thongs are the most intimate possession for me to give to a slave so you should consider yourself a very lucky loser! A very lucky loser indeed, who is so infatuated, addicted and desperate for me to be his full time mistress and owner... CS0081
Taxing My Perverted Loser Boss
22nd September, 2015 / Video length: 4:20
I have had enough of your leering. You are just a pathetic, desperate pervert and you think you can perv over me as much as you like without consequence. Well, you trying to touch my ass the other day was the final straw. I will be getting you done for sexual harassment... unless you agree to a new tax I have decided on to punish you for your disgusting behaviour. Every time you perv on me you will have to pay an expensive tax. Even looking me in the eye will cost you, meaning you will either look at the floor or pay! What will all the other staff think when they see that you cannot even look me in the eyes!? I know you will bend to my will, mainly because I know you are a secret sub who needs taking in hand, but also because you cannot risk being on a sexual harassment charge! CS0084
Your Sixth Small Cock Therapy Session
19th September, 2015 / Video length: 3:56
So here you are again. I’d ask what is wrong with you, keep coming back for more humiliation, but I already know the answer... You are a pathetic loser with such a small dick you have no other base instinct than to obey my every command. In this session you shall tell me exactly how many erections you get and how often you pleasure yourself. I have a very strong opinion that men with small cocks should not be having any pleasure at all. Why should they! If they cannot provide pleasure with their tiny shrivelled dicks why should they receive any!? So seeing as you have no self control I am going to make you wear this chastity belt. This will ensure you cannot get erections and most definitely cannot touch it. I shall keep the keys and then it will be up to me and my moods to decide if and when you shall ever have the keys back! CS0077
Far Too Cocky For Your Own Good
16th September, 2015 / Video length: 3:56
You are new to the company and apparently you have been going round telling all the other male members of staff how you plan to bed me. You have also told them you can get any woman you want and I will be no exception. Did it not occur to you that I may have a bit more to me, that I am not like most women, that I may just be the exception? Well I will tell you right now that you will never, ever sleep with me, and the only hope in hell’s chance you have of ever even getting near me is if you submit to me and become one of my many slaves. I can tell you are desperate for me and that you will submit easily. So I shall explain to you how I will tell everyone that you are now one of my loser slaves, and I will also humiliate you in front of the whole work force every single day! CS0083
Your Eighth Submission Therapy Session
13th September, 2015 / Video length: 5:10
Back again so soon! You are such a loser and you just keep getting more and more desperate don’t you? My worn pantyhose must have had an intoxicating effect, I bet you fell asleep with them on your face every night, in fact I bet you stretched them over your whole head! Well this time I have an even more addictive item for you to take home with you, the panties I am wearing right now! Your addiction will become so strong you will become even more weak and pathetic. I bet you didn’t even think that was possible, but I can assure you it is. As you addiction still grows you need to accept that I will be exploiting you even further. You will give me ALL your internet banking login details so I can help myself to anything and everything. You should also release that it won’t be long now until I have ruined you completely, and my job will be done! CS0080
Loser Neighbour Hands Over Savings for Final Rinsing
10th September, 2015 / Video length: 3:34
So you managed to cook me a decent meal so I will be allowing you to take me on a very expensive holiday. However, when we return you will be signing over the rest of your savings to me. I know you will want to prove yourself further, having seen me I my bikini every day on holiday, and this will be the best way. I want every single penny you have ever saved and I will be checking to make sure you don’t miss any. Once you have done this I will be moving house again. Having rinsed you dry it will be time to move on to another loser neighbour who will undoubtedly be as easily to manipulate as you! CS0090
Your Fifth Small Cock Therapy Session
7th September, 2015 / Video length: 4:28
Another therapy session, you really are a loser; anyone would think you liked the abuse I give you. Well I won’t ever be nice to you or tell you it is OK to have such a small cock, because small cocks offend me and so do the pathetic men they belong to. In this session I decide I want to see what it looks like when you are exited, I also want to see how on earth you can pleasure yourself. It must be hard when you are so tiny, not being able to get a nice firm grip on it like a real man could. However do not get too excited, I will not be impressed if you enjoy yourself too much or make a mess!! CS0076
Loser Neighbour Cooks Expensive Meal for Holiday
4th September, 2015 / Video length: 3:20
It is time to show me what other skills you have loser. We both know you are a pervert but I wonder what else you could you do for me?! Perhaps something that would be good enough for me to allow you to take me on a very expensive holiday? Maybe a holiday where you can watch me sunbathe in my very small bikini, and possibly ever rub sun cream into my back! You’ve mentioned in passing you can cook. Well now it is time to prove it. I expect a first class five course meal cooked, from scratch, tonight. You will need to go out now and buy all the ingredients, and I will expect only the best and most expensive. So off you go to the shops. Try not to be too long I am already starting to feel hungry! CS0089
Your Seventh Submission Therapy Session
1st September, 2015 / Video length: 6:06
You have come back for another session very promptly, clearly giving you a pair of my well worn shoes to take home to sniff has worked wonders! You can freely admit burying your face in my shoes has increased your addiction to an all new high. Well that was exactly what I intended for you, and you seem to have accepted your fate. In this session I promise you my worn pantyhose, and I will slip them off right here and right now for you to take away with you. You can breathe in my foot smell and also the more intimate areas of the tights. Your addiction will continue to grow further, and you will lose more and more control. I hope you are prepared for this next stage! CS0079
Loser Neighbour Must Organise Books for Scent Reward
28th August, 2015 / Video length: 7:27
So then loser it is time for your next task. I have over 1000 books that need putting into alphabetical order. My book collection is very important to me with many of my books being antique and some well over 200 years old! So you better treat them very carefully. This task will take you quite a while but I’m sure you will work fast when I tell you what your reward will be. If you do this job to my satisfaction then you shall get to smell all the most sensual parts of my body. My neck, under arms and ass. Then finally my panties and tights, nestling in between my legs. For a pathetic loser you will think all your Christmases have come at once! CS0088
Your Forth Small Cock Therapy Session
25th August, 2015 / Video length: 4:18
You are back again for more humiliation. I thought the last session may have put you off, but it would appear that you don’t know when you have had enough. In this session you confess to being a virgin, which is not surprising. With a cock that small it’s no wonder that you have never had the confidence to get it out in front of a woman, other than me, your evil bitch therapist! I will also tell you how your penis is so small you should consider cutting it off, maybe even becoming a woman, because let’s face it, you will never give or receive any pleasure as a man. CS0075
Loser Neighbour Made To Clean House for Face Sitting
22nd August, 2015 / Video length: 9:32
Time for you next task. I do enjoy the fact you have bent to my will so easily, especially when you claim you are not a sub or have never been a slave to anyone before. It shows just how powerful I am! You will now clean my house top to bottom, including my toilets, and if it sparkles you will get the high honour of worshipping my perfect ass, and if you are really lucky I shall sit on your face so you can feel my panties around your nose and mouth. I know you are a desperate loser and are desperate to worship any part of me so I am sure you will do an amazing job. Now get to it! CS0087
Tricked Into Small Penis Humiliation
19th August, 2015 / Video length: 5:33
So you think you are going to get lucky with me?! Even though your girlfriend is one of my best friends you still follow me upstairs assuming you will get to have your way with me. Well more fool you! My best friend is in on it, she is so offended by your wondering eye but more importantly your small cock she wants me to humiliate you, especially as you have the audacity to think you can cheat on her! So now we are alone I tell you exactly what I think of you and your pathetic small cock, and make sure I drain you of all your unjustifiable confidence. No one with a small cock should have any confidence, and make sure you remember that you stupid, arrogant loser! CS0051
Loser Neighbour Digs Garden for Muddy Shoe Worship
16th August, 2015 / Video length: 6:11
It is time to find out what your next task will be. I can tell after just the one worshipping session you are already becoming addicted. I will control you more and more after each task, and after each worshipping session I reward you with. This time you will do my garden. You will weed and dig my flower beds, mow the lawn and any other attention it may need. I shall follow you round to make sure you do it properly, and when you are on your hands and knees weeding I will allow you to look up at me then maybe glance at my gorgeous red high heels. As I follow you around my garden my beautiful red high heels will sink into the earth, they will get dirtier and dirtier with each step... so guess what your worship will be. Yes, you will be allowed to lick off every tiny particle of dirt, from the heels and the soles! Lucky boy! CS0086
Manipulative Blackmailing Bitch
13th August, 2015 / Video length: 8:14
I have let you believe that I want you, that I want to have an affair with you, behind your wife’s back. So I have brought you upstairs, away from the dinner party, so you can tell me all the things you want to do to me. Don’t hold back, be descriptive and dirty! However you do not realise I am recording it all on my phone! And if you do not transfer £10,000 into my bank account I will tell your wife we are having a full blow affair, and let her listen to your filthy, cheating confessions! CS0052