Pervert Neighbour Made To Wash Car for Leg Worship
10th August, 2015 / Video length: 8:03
You have moved in to the house behind me. I have caught you perving on me as I walk around my house in just my lingerie with the lights on. I know you are already feeling weak for me so it is time I exploited you. I invite you round to tell you I know you are a loser pervert and how I know you are desperate to please me. I explain how you will do all my chores and if you do them to my satisfaction I will let you experience me in the only way you will ever be allowed to... Through worship. So first you will clean my car, inside and out, and if I feel it is good enough I will let you worship my perfectly shaped, long, sexy legs. You are very lucky man! CS0085
Secret Loser Slave
7th August, 2015 / Video length: 4:41
You have so much to lose, you should know better. But you can't resist. You search new ways to serve me, creating fake email addresses so you can confess your fantasies, promoting my store, posting me cash etc etc. And the more demands I make, the more unreasonable they are, the weaker you feel and you just nod your head and comply. My demands are only going to increase. I am going to get more unreasonable and just take more and more. It is never enough and you will either end up broke and useless to me or outed to your friends, family and peers. Either way you will be left with nothing. Either way, you cannot stop. CS0071
Loser Husband Loses His Job
4th August, 2015 / Video length: 5:10
So when were you going to tell me? Did you think that I wouldn’t find out? You have lost your job and you have negated to tell me, your wife. I know why you haven’t told me, you know I will leave you. Other than your decent bank account you are a useless husband, you have no use to me other than spending your money. I explain how the only way I will stay now is if you sign what you have left over to me and get another job. So you had better start looking hadn’t you! CS0053
Authorised Erection & Masturbation Tax for May
1st August, 2015 / Video length: 2:34
It is again essential you watch this clip as we need to sort your authorised erection and masturbation tax for May. You need watch the clip and make payment as soon as possible to avoid any actions being classed as unauthorised and you paying double. You should feel ashamed touching that small cock, but at least this way you pay for my permission and can feel less of a loser. You can pay your taxes via a tribute, so I suggest you watch this clip urgently to find how much you owe! CS0068
Unauthorised Erection & Masturbation Tax for April
28th July, 2015 / Video length: 3:03
It is essential you watch this clip as we need to go through your unauthorised erection and masturbation tax for April. You don’t want to be charged a late payment fee do you?! You have had a bit too much unauthorised activity this month so you are already in my bad books. Once you find out exactly what you via the clip you must pay your taxes promptly through a tribute on my clip store page. CS0067
Blackmailing My Loser Work Colleague
25th July, 2015 / Video length: 7:00
You think you are back for more sissy humiliation, but there is more to it this time. I explain to you how I plan to blackmail you. While you sit there on the floor in just your sissy pink satin panties and frilly ankle socks I tell you that you will give me your shares in the company. If you do not agree I will show absolutely everyone your sissy pictures and videos I have taken over our last four meetings. You know that this would ruin you so you agree completely. Don’t worry though; I will sort you a menial low paid job so you can still be around me. CS0063
Your Third Small Cock Therapy Session
22nd July, 2015 / Video length: 3:52
You have come back for more small cock therapy. I’m not sure if you are expecting me to eventually become more sympathetic, if you are you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Instead I intend to drain your confidence further and I explain how I am going to give you some unorthodox exposure therapy. I plan to take you out into a public place, and then I shall expose you so everyone can stare. People will point and laugh at your pathetic, tiny, loser cock and you will feel completely & utterly humiliated. CS0074
Recruiting a New Foot Worshipping Slave
19th July, 2015 / Video length: 9:45
I need to top up on my foot worshipping slave. You can never have too many. However I only take on the very best so I hope you are going to try your hardest. I make you lick my soles and suck my toes, all through my hot tights. You lie on the floor and rub my feet hard into your face, wiggling my toes. Breath in my hot feet, worship them and adore them, because if you do a good job you may get to do this regularly. CS0058
Your Sixth Submission Therapy Session
16th July, 2015 / Video length: 4:05
You have not had a therapy for a while, I suspect you ran out of money and could no longer afford our sessions; this left you incredibly embarrassed and humiliated. However you are back, after saving every single penny just so you could once again become my financial slave. This time, to make sure you get even more addicted to me, I will give you an item of my clothing after each session for you to take home to sniff & inhale regularly. My scent will keep you well and truly addicted and you will become even weaker than before. You will want to work twice as hard just so you can give even more top me. This session I will allow you to leave with my well worn shoes. Aren’t you a lucky slave! CS0078
Humiliating My Colleague By Making Him Wear a Dress
13th July, 2015 / Video length: 7:26
It’s time for more sissy humiliation. I am revelling in your change, how you are now weaker and dominated completely by me. This time I make you strip before dressing you in a very pretty white summer dress & not forgetting your pink satin and slutty red lipstick. Once you are dressed in your sissy outfit I take more pictures for my amusement. Then I slip off my panties and I explain how I will go back to work without them. You will watch me across the board room knowing my underneath is bare. You will never be able to control your erection, and everyone will see! CS0062
Your Second Small Cock Therapy Session
10th July, 2015 / Video length: 5:25
It is your second small cock therapy session and I think it is time I found out more about your traumas relating to having such a disgusting, pointless, little cock. I revel in hearing about the humiliation you have experienced just because you have such a worthless piece of skin between your legs. Your first girlfriend refused to sleep with you; you were too scared to shower at school; the stories are endless and I fully intent to add to your stories of humiliation during all of our sessions to come. CS0073
Recruiting a New Ass Worshiping & Face Sitting Slave
7th July, 2015 / Video length: 8:02
I am looking for a few new ass worshipping and face sitting slaves. I am auditioning quite a few so you will need to be exceptional. So you get on your knees and bury your face in my ass crack, breathe it in, lick it, caress it and kiss it. If you pass that part of the audition then I will test your face for comfort. Your nose needs to sit in just the right place and your face needs to be comfortable enough for me to be able to sit there all day should I choose to. CS0057
Stable Boy Punished Again
4th July, 2015 / Video length: 8:32
You still do not seem to have learned your lesson. I once again have found a trace of dirt on my boots and now you must pay! You will lick my boots all over to make sure they are as clean as they should have been, then you will feel my schooling whip across your bare ass. This whip is the worst of them all so you better be prepared for it. It does makes the most fantastic noise as is swishes down towards your flesh. You will not be able to sit down for a week! CS0049
Your Authorised Erection & Masturbation Tax for April
1st July, 2015 / Video length: 4:45
It is time to plan and pay for the authorised erections and masturbations you want in April, so you need to buy this clip so you can know exactly what you are allowed to do to yourself in the month ahead. You have asked for quite a few erections and masturbations, the question is will I indulge you?! If I do the total cost for these actions is £850. You will have 2 days in which to pay, otherwise any activity in April will be classed as unauthorised and therefore you will pay double! You can pay your taxes through tributes on my clips store page. CS0066
Your Unauthorised Erection & Masturbation Tax for March
28th June, 2015 / Video length: 2:16
It is essential you buy and watch this clip as a matter of urgently as it includes very important information in with regards to you March unauthorised erection and masturbation tax. Your payment for these unauthorised erections & masturbations is late, and this is not acceptable behaviour. I understand that your useless tiny penis does not get any real action but that is not a good enough excuse. You owe £350 and I expect immediate payment or face the consequences. You can pay your taxes via a tribute, so I suggest you get straight on to it! CS0065