Submit To My Scent & Accept Your Addiction
25th June, 2015 / Video length: 4:10
It is incredible how one sniff can turn an otherwise confident male, into a needy, pathetic, addicted slave. How one sniff can make an otherwise logical man want to send money and sacrifice his social life for the pursuit of my happiness. However you already know this and it is why you have resisted buying my worn items so far, but as I describe my worn items to you, and then explain how they smell, there is no way you can resist any longer! You will email me asking how you can buy them and pleading that I send them as a matter of urgency so you can bury your face in them as soon as possible. CS0072
Dangling My High Heels Over Your Face
22nd June, 2015 / Video length: 5:15
I need to assert my dominance over you, remind you of your insignificance. It is importance slaves know their place and constant reminders are important. So you shall lie on the floor and I shall force you to lick my shoes clean, the dirty soles and suck the heels. Then I shall dangle my shoes over your face. The anticipation that the shoes may fall on to your face weakens you, and I love watching you winch every time the shoes swings back and forth on my toe. Will I allow my shoes to drop on to your face?! You will have to wait and see! CS0041
Recruiting a New Small Cock Slave
19th June, 2015 / Video length: 11:03
You have come to audition to be one of my small cock slaves. So trousers and pants off, let’s see how small you are. Haha, that’s pathetic, how embarrassed you must be having such a small worthless cock. Only two inches! So do you think you have what it takes to be my small cock slave? When I need cheering up you will show me so I can have a good laugh at you. If I am in a bad mood I will take it out on your tiny cock, dripping hot wax on it, treading on it, kicking it and torturing it in any way I see fit. Today, as part of your addition I will see if you can take some punishment, I will drip hot wax on your cock then tread on it and dig my heel in! CS0056
Humiliating My Colleague By Dressing Him In A Babydoll
15th June, 2015 / Video length: 6:42
Back again like a good slave for more sissy humiliation. Your sissy training needs to be enforced even more. This time I make you strip before dressing you in a pink lace babydoll, pink satin panties and white stockings & suspenders. I smear your slutty red lipstick all over your face and then take pictures of you dressed like a pathetic, sissy loser. Then finally I slip off my panties, ball them up and stuff them in your mouth. CS0061
Breathe In my Scent
13th June, 2015 / Video length: 6:58
You have been a slave long enough now to get a special treat. You should consider yourself honoured. I will let you sniff & smell all the intimate parts of my body, my inner thighs, armpits, feet, cleavage and ass. This is will be amazing for you but it will also make you even more addicted to me! So beware! CS0064
Stable Boy Punished For Inadequate Boot Cleaning
10th June, 2015 / Video length: 11:14
You follow me round all day for a reason. One of those reasons is to make sure that there is never any dirt on my boots. However you have neglected your duty, you have missed some dirt on my boot and now you must pay. First I make you lick my boots clean making sure you do not miss any dirt this time, and then I bend you over my bed for a caning from my riding crop. You will learn your lesson well and never leave dirt on my boots again! CS0048
Humiliating My Work Colleague with My Feet
7th June, 2015 / Video length: 8:02
You are back for more sissy humiliation. You need to have your sissy training enforced regularly. I do love dressing you like a sissy; I love how it emasculates you and keeps you down. Firstly I make you strip, when you are naked I remind you just how small and worthless your cock is, then I make you put on your sissy panties, slutty lipstick and pantyhose. I slip off tights, I have been wearing them all day, and I make you suck them and lick my hot feet before balling up the tights and stuffing them in your mouth! CS0060
My Slave’s Shoe Dangling Reward
4th June, 2015 / Video length: 8:58
You have been a good slave recently. You have been licking my high heels clean every day, making sure they are like new. You have also cleaned all my shoes in my wardrobe. So as a reward I thought I would do some shoe dangling for you, good slaves get rewards. I am wearing my tight white dress, natural stockings and my favourite natural coloured high heels you cleaned earlier today. I dangle each shoe in turn, showing you as it balances on the very edge of my toe, as I lie on the bed and right up close to your face. Then I dangle both shoes at the same time and finally let them drop to the floor. CS0039
Recruiting a New Leg & High Heel Slave
1st June, 2015 / Video length: 13:41
You have come to audition as my new slave who with be responsible for worshiping my high heel shoes and gorgeous long legs. I explain to you how it is a very important job to be taken very seriously! I show you my long legs, the full length of them and my strong thighs up close, explaining how you’ll have to push your face in between my thighs and allow me to squash your head & face. Secondly I make you lie on the floor and, as you look up at me, you lick the heels & sole clean on my pretty shoes. CS0055
Your Small Cock Therapy Session
28th May, 2015 / Video length: 4:15
You have been sent to me for some therapy as you are having some serious self esteem issues. The trouble is you have a horribly small cock and you are ashamed and embarrassed. You feel too embarrassed to have any kind of sexual relationship so you are hoping I can help. Unfortunately for you I am secretly a manipulative mistress who uses my job as a therapist to exploit all men, praying especially on the weakest and most pathetic. I explain to you quite clearly how your small cock offends me, and also how I will control you from now on as you are not a real man. CS0042
Stable Boy Slave’s Jodhpur Ass Worship & Face Sitting
25th May, 2015 / Video length: 9:14
As my stable boy slave you must do whatever I ask. Today I want my ass worshipped through my warm jodhpurs. So I invite you into my bedroom where you immediately drop to the floor so you can worship my perfect, round, jodhpur clad ass. You breathe it in, kiss it, lick it and caress it. Once you have worshipped it to my satisfaction I explain how your face will now be my seat for the rest of the day. I will sit down hard on your face right now to make sure it is comfortable, so be prepared to be suffocated with my big ass and jodhpurs. CS0047
Headmistress Mackenzie Canes You Hard
22nd May, 2015 / Video length: 6:27
You have been caught sneaking in from the all boys school and been seen perving on my girls in their dormitory! This is no acceptable behaviour as I am sure you already know and that is why you look so sheepish. I’m sure you have many hormones racing through your body but that is no excuse, so seeing as your Headmaster can’t to control you I will! So I’m going to bend you over my desk for a good old fashioned caning! I hope you can take your punishment well or you will be in even more trouble. I will NOT put up with wimpy, crying, pathetic, boys who cannot take their punishment! CS0050
Taking Control of My Work Colleague
19th May, 2015 / Video length: 10:16
Ever since I became the first woman on the board of Directors you have been making comments, sexiest, stupid, ridiculous comments. When you are not making these comments, and you think no one is looking, you perv & leer at me. Well I know that deep down you act like such an idiot because you are threatened by me & my success. But now I have had enough and I am taking control of you. As I confront you I tell you I explain how you are now my slave, how I will treat you like the pathetic loser you are and how you will do whatever I say. I will humiliate you on a regular basis, dressing you in sissy clothes and makeup, and generally treating you like dirt! I bet you will keep your smart ass comments to yourself from now on won’t you! CS0059
Punished for Neglecting My Hot Nylon Feet
16th May, 2015 / Video length: 3:47
You have been called into the punishment room as you have not been worshipping my nylon feet correctly. When they have been in my shoes all day and are hot & tired you should be on your knees really worship and pamper them. You did not offer them your attention quick enough for my liking, so now you will have to be punished. CS0037
Late Payment of Erection & Masturbation Tax
13th May, 2015 / Video length: 3:46
You have spent a great deal of time this month with unauthorised erections, and even worse you have been pleasuring yourself, again without authorisation. As a result you have accumulated a very large unauthorised erection & masturbation tax bill. You have also admitted looking at topless pictures of me while you please yourself and I definitely did not give you permission for this. Then, to top it all off, you are late paying your taxes! You will receive a bare hand spanking for your insolence! CS0035