Boot Licking Reward for My Stable Boy Slave
10th May, 2015 / Video length: 5:23
You have proved to be such a good stable boy slave. You have kept close to my heel like a good puppy and still managed to perform your other duties reasonably well while naked and still on your hands & knees. So I think you should be rewarded. I have brought you to my bedroom so you can lick my boots clean. You know what an honour this is and you drool just at the thought of it. You lick my soles & heels clean, and then run your tongue all the way up my leg to the top of my boots as an extra special treat. CS0046
Recruiting a New Financial Slave
7th May, 2015 / Video length: 8:35
I am looking for a few new financial slaves. As I have got better at controlling men and their money I have realised that I need richer slaves. Those who do not earn plenty are no longer going to take up my time. So you have been invited to show me your assets. I explain clearly how I will have access to all your monetary assets and how you will allow me to take whatever I wish. You agree, desperately hoping I will choose you as one of my permanent slaves. CS0054
Ignoring You While I Play With My Shoes & Read
4th May, 2015 / Video length: 4:27
I know you are watching me intently, hoping I will notice you, as you sit in the corner of the room still & quiet like a good slave. It is amusing for me to ignore you, knowing how much you need my constant attention & approval. To tease you further, as I read, I slip my high heels on and off, dangling them on the end of my toes as I cross & uncross my legs. When my shoes are off and under my feet I tread on them & slowly rub my feet up and down the smooth body of the shoe. You will be so excited you will struggle to contain yourself! CS0040
My New Stable Boy Slave
1st May, 2015 / Video length: 5:12
I need a new stable boy to look after my horses and run my stable yard. I have picked you out and you are very excited about your new role. However my stable boy will have more duties than your average stable boy. It is such an honour to be chosen as you will have other jobs to do. You will also be my ‘dogs’ body. You will keep but my side to look after my every whim. I will humiliate you as you crawl on your hands and knees, completely naked, keeping to my heel like a good puppy. You will do all your duties naked to, and where possible staying on your hands & knees. You will not be paid and you will just be grateful to serve me. CS0045
Tight Skirt Ass Worship & Face Sitting Punishment
28th April, 2015 / Video length: 28:28
Don’t think I have haven’t noticed you perving at me & my ass, you must have thought your luck was in when you moved in next door to me. Every time I leave my house you are either peering out the window or in your front garden, either way your eyes are firmly transfixed on my ass. So I have dragged you in to my house to teach you a lesson. If you like my ass so much you can get on your knees and worship it properly, through my tight leather skirt, black office skirt, tights & leggings. Then to make sure you think twice about staring at my ass I will punish you by sitting down hard on your face. Maybe even use your face as a cushion for the whole day! CS0044
Punished for Buying an Inadequate Diamond Ring
25th April, 2015 / Video length: 4:30
It is slave punishment day and you are my number one gift slave. This means you are responsible for buying me very expensive weekly gifts. Unfortunately this week’s gift was disappointing and slightly insulting. The diamonds in the three in a row diamond ring you bought me were nowhere near big enough. You should know by now that I deserve only the biggest & purest diamonds and this ring is inadequate. So prepare for a spanking and I hope you will think long and hard about my future gifts. CS0034
Financial Slave’s Leather Glove Spanking
22nd April, 2015 / Video length: 5:12
You have transferred all your savings into my account as promised, but once again it is nowhere near what I thought it would be! So now I am really angry, I do not like being lied to. You did not learn from your leather glove mouth covering so now you will get a leather glove spanking. I show you how I will first spank your bottom with my loose cream leather glove, then how I will put you over my knee and spank you hard while wearing the glove. It is going to sting! CS0030
PVC Catsuit Cuckolding
19th April, 2015 / Video length: 6:46
It is time for another one of my swinger’s association parties. This one has a bondage theme so I am wearing my tight, black PVC catsuit especially for the occasion. I parade around you in my shiny catsuit, reminding you how you are an inadequate husband and you will not come with me as you are an embarrassment. I tell you how I will have every man in there and there is nothing you can do about it! How everyone will be laughing at you knowing I have left you at home! What must it be like for you to have such a slutty unfaithful wife?! CS0070
Mistress’ Pretty Oily Slippery Feet
16th April, 2015 / Video length: 3:10
I allow you to watch as I apply liberal amounts of baby oil to my pretty feet. Massaging it in, getting my fingers right in between my toes as I spread them in front of you. You can see just how slippery my feet are as my fingers slide up and down my shiny soles. With lots of toe wiggling too, your addiction to me will grow to an all new high! CS0069
Red Lipstick & Foot Worship
13th April, 2015 / Video length: 29:41
As I get ready for work I apply plenty of red lipstick. I know it is your favourite and I use my luscious lips and red lipstick to captivate & control you. I explain how when I am back from work you will worship and pamper my feet, and as a reward, if you worship them to my satisfaction, you may get a red lipstick kiss. As you watch me get changed, seeing me in just my lingerie & nylons, I explain that if you do not worship to my satisfaction then you will get one more chance when I get back from a night out. So let’s hope you are up to it slave, I have very high standards when it comes to worshipping my feet. CS0043
Your Fifth Submission Therapy Session
10th April, 2015 / Video length: 7:31
It is time for your fifth submission therapy session. You still obey me completely and I like your devotion, you are officially my top financial slave. What an honour for you! I have been thinking about what else you can buy me; I have decided I would like a villa in Spain. This means I can have holidays whenever I want, which is very important for your mistress. As a reward to agreeing to this I let you lick & suck my bare feet & toes. CS0017
Punished for Neglecting My High Heels
7th April, 2015 / Video length: 5:58
When I walked in yesterday you did not drop to your knees straight away and ask if my high heels needed cleaning. It was at least 5 minutes before you offered your tongue to clean my heels. That is just not good enough. You need to be punished to remind you how important your job as my high heel slave is. It is a great honour for me to let you anywhere near myself and my heels so you better improve or I may just find another heel worshipping slave to replace you. CS0036
Leather Glove Mouth Covering
4th April, 2015 / Video length: 5:50
You have transferred all your money into my account as promised, but it is nowhere near what I thought it would be so I am thoroughly disappointed. As a result you will still be punished. As I pull on my gorgeous cream leather gloves you know what is coming. Already on your knees I come behind you and cover your eyes and mouth. I press firmly, restricting your breathing as you try in vain to breathe through my leather gloves. CS0029
Punishing My Small Cock Slave
1st April, 2015 / Video length: 5:19
It is slave punishment day, technically you have not done anything wrong but I still feel you should have a punishment as your small cock offends me. I tell you how disgusting your small cock is and remind you of all the nasty things I do to it, treading on it, burning it and putting hooks through it, to name only a few. I tell you it should be cut off all together for being so pointless, and then I explain how I shall cane your ass before caning your small cock too! CS0033
Showing My Power Blowing Up Balloons & Popping Them
28th March, 2015 / Video length: 9:26
Another way I will remind you of my power, and especially of my power in my high heels, is by popping balloons. You can imagine the balloons are the soft parts of your body and see how easily my heel digs in, so take it as a warning. Firstly, I blow up the balloons, making them nice and tight. Then I dig in my heels in and pop them! CS0038