An Intimate Tease with Stockings & a Suspender Belt
25th June, 2017 / Video length: 6:23
I am wearing a blouse & skirt over sexy lingerie with a lace six strip suspender belt which is holding up my pretty gloss stockings, and I am also wearing sexy stilettos. As I cross and uncross my legs you will catch sneaky glimpses of my stocking tops and desperately hope that my skirt rides up some more. I love sheer high shine stockings, stroking them and playing with them. I play with the suspender straps; pulling on them and feeling them ping back against my soft skin. Sliding my hands inside the soft stocking tops I can appreciate just how smooth and soft these are. I slip off my skirt and blouse so you can see my lingerie and stockings in their fully glory and you won’t be disappointed. With lots of close ups of my suspender belt and stocking tops I’m sure you will find it hard to control yourself, especially when I slip off my heels and show you my soft nylon soles and the subtle reinforced toes. F0201
Worship My Beautiful Satin High Heel Boots
22nd June, 2017 / Video length: 5:59
I am wearing my gorgeous brown satin, over the knee, high heel boots. They look very sexy worn with my tight jeans showing off my long legs. You will buy this candid clip and worship these boots as you watch me walk around then cross & uncross my legs, showing them off, you will also have close-ups of the slender heel. You will dream of licking them, lying underneath and having me force them in your face and sucking the heel. This will mean only one thing, you addiction to me growing, knowing I could easily walk all over you in these boots, making sure you know your place. F0162
Shrunken Men In My Handbag As I Head for a Night Out
19th June, 2017 / Video length: 6:06
I am heading for a night out with my friends and for my own amusement I have decided to take some of my smallest most insignificant shrunken men along for a tortuous ride! Before I head out I strategically place these tiny pointless men in my purse and my various cosmetics. First I drop a few men into my purse before shaking it vigorously to hear the coins bang against them, who knows if they will survive. I drop a few more men into my compact so they can be in the dark and thrown around as it bounces around in my handbag. My pretty red lipstick is another perfect place to hide a few men and the stick fast to it; I hope I remember they are there when it is time to reapply my lipstick! Then finally one poor unsuspecting man is dropped into my bottle of sticky clear lip gloss, and I don't fancy his chances at all! F0293
Mesmerised By My Side Seamed Tights & High Heels
16th June, 2017 / Video length: 6:47
I am wearing gorgeous natural coloured, side seamed, bow tights, more opaque than sheer which feel very sexy. The pretty twisted pattern side seam with a bow at the top makes my legs look extra long, you will be completely mesmerised as I show off my amazing legs. I am also wearing my black high heels that I dangle from my toe showing how the seam runs all the way down the side of the foot. As cross & uncross my legs and run my hands up & down my legs you will hear the soft sound of the nylons against my skin. F0224
Perving on My Round Panty Bottom as I Put on My Makeup
13th June, 2017 / Video length: 5:23
I am wearing my pale pink satin French panties and my soft pink dressing gown. As I take a seat at my dressing table to apply my makeup I kneel up on my stool to get closer to the mirror. This means my gown rides up, giving you a perfect view of my big round ass & sexy satin panties. Being the panty pervert you are you will be in your element, especially as my French panties ride up my ass a little. As I move around you can see my panties from all angles, with some nice close up views as well! F0252
How Dare You Live In My Red High Heels
10th June, 2017 / Video length: 3:33
I had heard that a tiny shrunken man had started living in a pair of my shoes. I couldn't believe any shrunken man would be so stupid, what a risk to take. You would be crushed in your sleep when I slide my shoe on, unaware a little man had set up home in there. Never the less you thought it a good idea. You have picked my favourite red high heels that I wear them a lot, so surely it is even more dangerous?! Although is it because I wear them a lot that you choose them?! Now I have found you in there you will have to be punished, so I make you feel my big foot press down on you. I then shove you deep into my shoe and explain you will stay in there until I next wear them and the next time I do you will be crushed to on the tip of my pretty toes! F0334
Candid View As I Play With My Strappy High Heel Sandals
7th June, 2017 / Video length: 5:09
I am outside wearing my gorgeous dark gold high heel sandals; they have lots of straps caressing my pretty little feet. As the sun shines down on them I swing my feet in front of you and you can watch nice and close. I wiggle my toes as much as I can in the heels before undoing the angle strap and slipping off one of my sandals. I dangle and wiggle my toes, spreading them too. As I slip of my other sandal I use both of my dexterous feet to pull on the straps and heel showing the soles of my bare feet. F0178
Teasing You with My Gorgeous Tights underneath My Jeans
4th June, 2017 / Video length: 6:36
I am wearing my favourite tights, and they are so soft and when worm under my tight denim jeans they feel amazing! I tease you as I run my hands up and down my jeans, then pulling the waist band of my tights high for you to see their sheerness. I undo my jeans and revealing the tights reinforced gusset and my nylon clad bottom. I also show you the soles of my feet and you can see my pretty toes wiggle and I stretch the nylon away from my feet. F0204
Perving on My Panties As I Walk In My Short Summer Dress
1st June, 2017 / Video length: 5:28
I have gone for a walk outside in my flimsy short summer dress, and underneath I am wearing some big soft pink panties. Of course you are following me like the pervert you are, hoping no doubt to get a glimpse of my pretty panties. You are in luck, as I walk my dress moves around and you get lots of naughty views of my panty clad bottom. As I stop to admire the view I bend over the top of a gate giving you an even better look, and as I then climb up on to it you get plenty of panty gusset flashes too! F0255
So Tiny & Desperate To Be Close To My Giant High Heels
28th May, 2017 / Video length: 4:27
I shrunk you a few weeks ago and you managed to scurry off before I finished you off underneath my shoe, but since then you have grown more addicted to your now giant goddess. You have been living in my wardrobe and the smell of my worn heels has intoxicated you, making you obsessed. When you see me slipping on a pair of high heels this morning you followed me, and as I sit down you hide behind the chair leg. You must get closer to my heels; you're like a moth to a flame, like a wasp to jam! You sneak closer, but as my heels move you run back behind the chair leg. When you get close you are in awe of the slim slender heel and as you try to look up you see my ankle, you shake with fear and excitement, who knows what is happening in your tiny shrunken trousers! You take more risks, getting closer, trying to see my toe cleavage up close. However it looks like you may have just taken a step too far. F0340
Teasing You with My Slutty Black High Heel Boots
25th May, 2017 / Video length: 7:02
I am off on a night out and I am wearing my sexy black dress, I am also wearing my black stiletto shoes. However I feel that the outfit is missing something, so I plan to change into my slutty over the knee black high heel boots. You can watch as I slip off my heels then slip into these boots, and I know you will soon be captivated by them. These boots always turn heads and I have had many men beg to lick their heels, and I imagine you will easily become one of them as I relentlessly tease you with them. F0167
Teasing You As I Slip Into My Gorgeous Sheer Stockings
22nd May, 2017 / Video length: 8:07
I am going out for the evening and I am planning to wear my favourite black sheer stockings underneath my tight black dress. You can have a candid view as I slip them over my toes and slide them up my thighs, and then gently attach them to my suspenders. You will watch with your mouth wide open, like the loser you are, as I slip on my gorgeous black stilettos and cross & uncross my legs and dangle the heels. Finally I slip on my tight black dress and flash my stocking tops from underneath one final time. I hope you can control yourself! F0206
Repeatedly Flashing You My Big Satin Panties As I Read
19th May, 2017 / Video length: 5:03
I have been given a very trash novel to read; as I sit on my sofa I decide to have some fun while I read it. I am wearing a very short tight skirt over some big panties with a satin panel front. I know you are a complete panty pervert so I open my legs and give you long lingering flashes as I read. You can clearly see the satin and my cheeky panty gusset each time I uncross my legs. Then, when I turn around, you will also see the big back of the panties and my big round ass. You will definitely be in panty pervert paradise as I allow you to stare at these gorgeous panties! F0243
Perving on Your Giant Goddess From Behind the Skirting
16th May, 2017 / Video length: 4:19
You have been shrunk to an inch tall, which was well deserved after you annoyed me. You still roam around my house, hoping I will unshrink you. As you hide behind my skirting you are hoping when you see me you will be brave enough to come out and beg for forgiveness and hope I will restore you to normal size. However when I see you I am still angry and I am convinced you are just perving like all the other little shrunken men hiding in my house, it does certainly seem convenient you are watching as I am getting dressed! So I decide you must be punished. First I squish you a little under my bare foot, telling you how insignificant you are, before slipping on my dress and high heels. Will I squash you under my shoes?! I think we both know the answer! F0282
Walking In My Over the Knee Suede High Heel Boots
13th May, 2017 / Video length: 5:18
I have gone for a walk outside and I am wearing my gorgeous & sexy over the knee high heel suede boots, accompanied with my denim mini skirt, and you can follow me, watching my lovely long legs. I stop and play with my boots allowing you to gaze longingly at the elegant slim heel, dreaming of running your tongue all the way up, and as I take a seat on a bench I cross & uncross my legs, lifting the boots up show you the soles & heels up close. F0166