Your Forth Submission Therapy Session
25th March, 2015 / Video length: 9:24
It is time for your forth submission therapy session. You still obey me completely and I like your devotion, I made a good choice making you my slave. However it is now time to step it up a gear. In this session I tell you how you will sign over your house to me, and you are more than willing. I will allow you to still live there, but you will pay me a premium rent for the privilege! CS0016
Punishing My Ass Worshipping Slave
22nd March, 2015 / Video length: 4:18
As my ass worshipping slave you are expected to drop to your knees whenever I enter the room, ready to bury your face on my ass. However the other day you did not respond fast enough so you need to be punished. You shall receive a harsh punishment on your ass to make you understand how important mine is, and I hope the marks I leave will act as a permanent reminder of your duties. CS0032
Leather Glove Punishment Threat
19th March, 2015 / Video length: 5:04
I have found out that you have not been honest with your finances. You have not been transferring all your money when I have specifically asked you to. As one of my top financial slaves this is disappointing. So you will now going any transfer the whole of your balance into my account. If you do not do as I ask you shall feel the wrath of my leather clad hands. As I threaten you with this punishment I explain how I shall slip on my pretty cream leather gloves, hold you still and cover your mouth, suffocating you as you try to breathe through the soft leather. CS0028
Big White Panty Ass Worship & Face Sitting
16th March, 2015 / Video length: 12:35
I am wearing my big white panties and you will worship my ass. You had better do a good job and worship it just right otherwise you will be punished with a hard face sitting. I will make you lie on the floor as I sit down hard on your face, bouncing up and down before grinding down fully onto your face. My big ass in my big white panties would definitely suffocate you and there would be no escape. However if you take the sitting well I may just let you keep my panties! CS0023
Erection & Masturbation Tax
13th March, 2015 / Video length: 6:35
I have come up with a new Tax for my slaves, another way to increase my control and squeeze more cash out of you. From now on, as a new form of chastity, you will have to pay for any erections you should get and also anytime you decide to pleasure yourself. In this clip I will explain clearly how this new system will work and how much it will cost you. For exact details on how to pay your Taxes please message me. CS0027
Punishing My Financial Slave
10th March, 2015 / Video length: 5:25
You are supposed to be my number one financial slave, tributing me substantial sums of money every month. However you have failed to mention you have lost your job. You seem to think this is a good enough reason for you to have not paid your tributes this month. I explain how you should have been also saving money for such an eventuality and now you must be punished. I have seven spanking devices laid out in front of me... which one shall you receive?! CS0031
Getting Ready To Swing Without You
7th March, 2015 / Video length: 11:07
I am getting ready for my monthly swingers association party. As normal I do not plan to take you, my weak pathetic husband. The fellow members understand that I am embarrassed by you and that you cannot satisfy me, so they allow me to go to the party on my own. While I get ready you watch as I get changed into my slutty, PVC nurses outfit, white lace top holdups & white high heels. I take great pleasure in telling you what I will get up to at the party. I explain how I shall send you pictures & videos showing you exactly what I am doing, or should I say ‘who’ I am doing. CS0026
Worship My Long Stocking Legs
4th March, 2015 / Video length: 9:30
Part of being my slave is worshiping all of my body; this includes my nice long legs. I am wearing silky sheer black stockings and you will admire and adore them as I tease you. As you appreciate how long and perfect they are you fall even more under my powerful spell. You are now even more under my control. CS0024
You Are Just a Number On My Spreadsheet
1st March, 2015 / Video length: 6:33
You need to be reminded how insignificant you are to me. You may be my slave but you are one of many, all of which are listed on my slave spreadsheet and are numbered so I can try to keep track. I may take your money and gifts but not many slaves stick in my mind. Only the most generous stand out. So you need to be careful because if you don’t impress me regularly I shall just delete you off my spreadsheet and your existence will be even more pointless. CS0008
Watch My Nylon Feet in High Heels Swing In Front of You
28th February, 2015 / Video length: 4:45
You will sit on the floor like a good boy and watch as I swing my nylon feet backwards and forward in front of you, and you better not take your eyes off them for a second! I like to tease you with my feet & heels so you are reminded of why you worship me. My black nylons sparkle in the sunlight and you wish you could caress them, but you can only gaze on because you are a well-trained slave. My heels slip on and off my feet, dangling and swinging from my toe, and as my shoes finally drops to the floor you get a nice close up of my pretty nylon feet. CS0019
Worship My High Heels & Hot Bare Feet
25th February, 2015 / Video length: 19:47
Once again you have been sitting, waiting for me to return from work like a pathetic desperate slave. I’m still running your business you gave me and I still work long hours, leaving you all alone. Now I am back it is time to pamper your mistress. First of all I want you to clean my favourite high heels. You will lick the soles & heels clean, and then suck the heels, taking them both in your mouth. My feet have been in the shoes all day and they are really hot & sweaty. You will bury your face in my hot shoes and breathe them in. You will admire the toe pattern within the shoe before licking the inside soles like a good slave. My bare feet are very hot & sweaty as they have been buried in my high heels all day! As you lie on the floor I shove my pretty feet in your face and you will lick and suck them like a good slave. You better get right in between my toes and taste them properly. CS0007
Nylon Ass Worship & Face Sitting
22nd February, 2015 / Video length: 7:43
My big round ass needs some more attention and I am in the mood to use it to control you. You will obey and take whatever punishment I give you. Even if I smother you so you can hardly breathe you will keep still and take it. Whilst wearing my big white panties covered with my nylon tights you will worship my ass even though you know it will soon be suffocating you. Kiss it, lick it, caress it, bury your face in it and breathe it in. Then I make you lie on the floor so I can sit down hard on your face and bounce. You better keep still & quiet and take your face sitting like a man or there will be trouble. CS0022
Taking Over Your Finances
19th February, 2015 / Video length: 7:10
So I've heard you’re looking for a Mistress. I've heard that you are so weak and pathetic that you are unable to look after yourself and your own finances. So you've come to me, to give me full control. Well I hope you understand what this means... It means that you are going to submit everything to me and I will take full control of your finances and decide exactly what you can have and when you can have it. With a background in accounts and a passion for finances, I will take great pleasure in adding another account to my portfolio. I will control every tiny detail of your finances. Controlling what you eat, limiting your budget to the smallest possible amount and ensuring that you very soon become accustomed to your new life of thrift and sacrifice. And you will love me for it. You will feel so much relief in admitting who you are and a huge sense of release, by handing everything over to your new Superior. CS0003
Your Third Submission Therapy Session
16th February, 2015 / Video length: 8:32
You have come for your third therapy session. I am glad you see you still obeying me, and I have to admit you are still doing well. I have decided to expand my share portfolio and you have mentioned before yours is quite extensive. So in this session I will explain to you how you will transfer some, or all, of your shares over to me. I want to expand my portfolio and as you want to please me you will be happy to add to it. You of course agree, and you are happy to bend to my will. You are a good slave. CS0015
Wet Look Leggings Ass Worship & Face Sitting
13th February, 2015 / Video length: 10:37
My ass is most definitely my best feature. I know you agree as you cannot take your eyes off it, you are mesmerized by its perfect shape, its roundness, and that it sticks out the ideal amount. Luckily for you I like to use my ass as one of my forms of control & dominance over my slaves. I like to sit down hard on their faces, suffocating and smothering. Whilst wearing my tight wet look leggings I expect you to worship my ass, kissing & caressing. Then you will lie on the floor, where you belong, and as I hover my ass over your face you are both apprehensive & excited... but you better not get too excited, this is not about your pleasure, it is about my satisfaction at keeping you well & truly in your place! CS0021