Worship My Hot Nylon Feet
10th February, 2015 / Video length: 15:15
You have been sitting in the corner of the room where you belong, waiting for me to return from work like a desperate needy puppy. Ever since you handed your business over to me I have been gone long hours, leaving you all alone, but now I am back and it is time to pamper your mistress. My nylon covered feet are very hot & sweaty as they have been buried in my high heels all day and you are going to worship and pamper them. As I shove them in your face you lick and suck them like a good slave and as I force them further into your mouth you don’t complain. Next you will lie on the floor so I can stand on your face, and as you look up at me you better not be enjoying yourself or you will be in a lot of trouble! CS0006
Watch My Feet in Gold High Heels Swing In Front of You
7th February, 2015 / Video length: 5:18
Sit on the patio and watch closely as I swing my bare feet in gorgeous gold Dolly style high heels backwards and forward in front of you. You won’t be able to take your eye off them as I ignore your pathetic staring. I like to tease you with my feet & heels so you are reminded of why you worship me. You wish you could get closer and taste my warm toes as my pretty shoes dangle from them, and as I slip my heels on and off my feet my shoes finally drops to the floor you get a nice close up of my cute little feet. CS0020
Your Second Submission Therapy Session
4th February, 2015 / Video length: 7:38
You have come for your second therapy session. You are obedient aren’t you!? It’s good to know you know your place and are obeying my every command. You have given me half your wages since our last session like a good slave; you are doing well so far. In this session however it is time to step it up. I need a holiday and you will pay for it. Not a cheap holiday either, only the very best for your mistress. You are so desperate to prove yourself you agree straight away. So I shall go ahead and book it now! You are so easy to exploit its embarrassing, but I knew you would be an easy target, I could tell straight away you were a pathetic worm who would be easily controlled by a beautiful woman. CS0014
Recruiting My New Slave
1st February, 2015 / Video length: 6:20
So why do you think I have brought you back to my home and up to my bedroom? You think you have struck gold, you have seen me in the club and I have brought you home. However you should not get ahead of yourself, I am just looking for new slaves and I could tell you were already captivated by me and you looked like you would be an easy target. As I strip off my dress & under slip, leaving me in just my lingerie, stockings & heels you fall instantly into line and agree to your new position as my slave. This includes handing over most of your wages each month and to serve me anyway you can. CS0018
Ignoring You While I Read & Try On New Shoes
28th January, 2015 / Video length: 8:32
I am relaxing after a busy morning exploiting you, and you are on your knees again, still desperate to serve me. Unfortunately I am bored of you slave and your constant neediness is embarrassing, so I shall ignore you hoping you’ll get the message. I lie on the sofa reading as you perv on me, I do look perfect in my tight vest and tight jeans, and you cannot take your eyes off me. I ignore you completely, you do not deserve my attention any longer. I decide to try on my new shoes, still ignoring you, and as I slide off my high heels and slip on my gorgeous new heels you watch transfixed. Then, when I leave the room, you stay watching the empty sofa like a pathetic loser! CS0010
Know Your Place and Give Me Everything
25th January, 2015 / Video length: 5:44
I think you have already released what I want from you. You knew all along it was only your financial affairs I was after; it certainly wasn’t your personality or your body! So now it is time you submitted in the way you have been longing to. You know the only way you can ever please me is to sign over everything to me. Your bank accounts, shares, house and anything else of any value. To make sure you oblige I show you my body one last time, I am wearing my sexy black lingerie, and the body you will never have, but a firm reminder why you are obsessed none the less. I have all the documentation and a pen so you better be ready to sign your life away to me. CS0025
I’m Going Out On The Pull
22nd January, 2015 / Video length: 5:27
I am just letting you know I am going out on the pull. You have come to expect it as you know you are a pathetic husband who lets me do whatever the hell I want and I need a real man to satisfy me! You watch me as I get ready for my night out on the pull. I slip off my sexy red satin robe and slip into my slutty red mini dress. I tell you how I plan to pick up a stranger and do all the things with him that I never do with you as you are a useless husband. If I do pull I may not come back tonight or, even worse, I may bring a guy back here and have him in our marital bed, and all you can do is watch & feel inadequate! CS0011
Blackmailing My Slave
19th January, 2015 / Video length: 4:46
Just so you know I have been filming you, I have taken secret videos of all our sessions where you serve me. All those humiliating things I made you do while you were my pathetic slave have been caught on my mistress camera, and I intend to blackmail you. I hope you have deep pockets because if you cannot give me the amount I ask for I will send these videos to your family, friends and work colleagues. This will cause you no end of shame, so it does rather look like I have you over a barrel. CS0009
Creamy Foot Massage
16th January, 2015 / Video length: 5:57
My pretty feet need moisturising to keep them nice and soft. So I thought I would massage them in front of you, using my moisturising foot cream. It’s just another reminder why I am your mistress, and also why you are going to tribute me to show your appreciation. As I squirt the cream on to the soles of my feet and hold them up to show you, you are free to imagine what you will. Then as I rub the cream deep into my toes and soles you will reach deep into your pockets... but only for the money to tribute me you understand, nothing sordid! CS0012
Humiliating The Ex
13th January, 2015 / Video length: 9:57
So you came round when I clicked my fingers, even after our divorce, where you signed everything over to me, your bank accounts, shares, your half of the company and the house. It's good to see you are as subservient as ever. After our divorce, to which you were stripped of everything you owned, you did not expect to hear from me, your ex-wife. However, like the wimpy husband you always were, you came running. As you arrive, you see me dressed in a pencil skirt, nylons and high heels. I cannot resist telling you about the new, younger man in my life. However, I have an ulterior motive. Seeing you are now broken and out of work, I thought I would offer you a menial job. I don't pay a lot, but we are looking for an office dogs body. I know you are still head over heels in love with me, and enjoy telling you it is the minimum wage and there will be some 'extra' duties required of you. CS0002
Caught By Your Boss
10th January, 2015 / Video length: 7:50
I called you round to my house as I did not feel we could have this conversation in the office. Someone in the office reported that you have been taking pictures of me, and I think we all know what you've been doing with those pictures?! It’s perfectly obvious to everyone, especially me, that you are fascinated by me. You are fascinated by my long legs, my perfect body my high heels. Well if you can't control yourself, I think I am going to have to do it for you. You are going to take a pay cut. Not an official pay cut of course, that would be far too complicated. I want 75% of your wages paid back into my personal bank account. The second thing you are going to do for me is you are going to put on this chastity device. I feel it will help control your obvious masturbation problem. It’s perfectly discreet and nobody apart from us will know that you are locked up in it. Now pass me those keys. CS0004
Your Submission Therapy
7th January, 2015 / Video length: 11:39
So you have been referred to me by your GP as you have a serious submission problem? All your family & friends are worried about how strong beautiful women keep fleecing you out of all your money and you just continue to let them. As your new therapist, who specialises in men who have serious self esteem issues, I am here to help you get a grip, man up and grow a pair… or am I?! In actual fact I exploit my position to take full advantage of you weak, pathetic, weak willed worms. In your first session you fall instantly under my spell and I tell you how you need to dispose of any other mistresses you may have, as you are going to devote yourself to me and me alone as I will be your one & only mistress. You not only agree to this but also agree to give me half your wages and pay me extortionate rates for my manipulative therapy sessions. CS0013
The Female Scent
4th January, 2015 / Video length: 9:46
There are many ways for me to entrap a male into slavery. One of My favourite ways is by using my powerful scent. Just one sniff, one inhale of my perfect aroma will have you completely weak and on your knees begging to serve me. You will instantly feel overwhelmed by my beauty and like an addict, will be permanently seeking your next fix. In this clip, I discuss my scent and give you the privilege of showing you some of my well worn items. As you stare into your screen and wipe the drool from your mouth, I give you instructions on how you can order my worship items and commence your rapid descent into total slavery. CS0005
I'm Leaving You
1st January, 2015 / Video length: 7:42
I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving you. Let's face it, there was only reason I married you in the first place. You're such a pathetic worm, but there was one thing you had that I wanted... a nice big bank balance. Your friends warned you not to marry me. They told you I was a gold-digging bitch who was just going to take your money. You are a loser, you are a pathetic and you are so head over heels in love with me, you've been like a subservient little dog. As you fall to the floor and beg me not to leave you, I can't help hide my amusement. I use your utter devastation and despair against you, and I tell you that you are going to sign over everything to me. In your utter state of love and in a last desperate attempt to satisfy me, you sign. You sign away everything, maybe hoping that once I have it all, I will take pity on you. Once again, my poor misguided loser, you couldn't be more wrong. CS0001