Candid View As I Play With My Flowery Thong Sandals
10th May, 2017 / Video length: 5:59
I’m sitting outside reading; I’m wearing my very pretty flowery flat sandals with a toe thong. As I mind my own business I swing my feet backwards & forwards and you can clearly see the thong in between my toes as I spread and wiggle them lots. I slip my sandals off and dangle them from my toe before letting them drop off completely. I then enjoy playing with my sandals, treading on them, forcing the straps in between my toes. F0139
Teasing You with Tights with a Sexy Reinforced Gusset
7th May, 2017 / Video length: 5:11
I am wearing my favourite tights under my tight red skirt and with red high heels. I sit on the edge of my bed dangling my red heels giving you a glimpse of my toes. As I dangle one shoe I slip off the other so I can double dip my nylon feet into my one heel. I slip both heels off and rest my feet on top, before a bit of shoe play where you can see my pretty painted toenails through my tights. I slip off my outfit for you so you can see my nylon bottom as I put my hands into the tights stretching them over my hands. As I bend over on front of you you’ll see the pretty reinforced gusset with my sexy red thong underneath. These tights are so soft I love playing with them, running my hands all over my long legs, stretching them and showing you my pretty feet through the sheer nylon. F0196
Watch as I Play With My Big Panties In Front of the Mirror
4th May, 2017 / Video length: 2:29
I am wearing my big sexy white cotton panties under my tight white dress. I love the feeling of these panties and I know you dream of having your face buried in them. As I pull up my dress I start to play with my panties, running my hands over them feeling their softness. I pull them up, wedging them in my perfect round ass and when you see them gather in my ass cheeks you will become even more infatuated with me and my pretty bottom. F0251
Thrashing You with My Extra Long Flexible Lunging Whip
1st May, 2017 / Video length: 6:14
It just so happens you have displeased me on the same day I received my new lunging whip. A lunging whip so long that it arrived in two parts and has to be screwed together! Even with its screw join it is still very flexible, so when it swishes through the air towards your bare behind it will make a great noise! I demonstrate the whip in front of you first; I want you to see just how dangerous it is! I even try to make it crack, as I know that will strike you with a real fear! After a demonstration I think it is time you felt this whip against you, so drop your trousers and pants and face the logs, it is time for your thrashing stable boy! F0260
Explaining Just How Small I Am Going To Shrink You
28th April, 2017 / Video length: 7:11
You have been stupid enough to think I have let you come home with me for your pleasure. How wrong you are! You disgust me and I have lured you here to shrunk you and teach you a lesson once and for all. You are destined to join all the other tiny men hiding around my house.You are looking smug; you dont seem to believe I can shrink you. Even when I show you a tank full of teeny men I have captured, describing the different sizes, you still seem to think it is some kind of trick. But you will so be sorry as I cast my spell and you slowly and painfully shrivel to just an inch high! Now you are eye level with the toe of my shoe you are destined to only ever serve me as your giant goddess and I can do anything to you that I please! F0287
A Birdseye View as I Film My Sexy High Heel Suede Boots
25th April, 2017 / Video length: 4:48
I am wearing my sexy tan suede tassel high heel boots with a mini skirt. As I wonder around outside I film my own legs, a birdseye view as I walk, stopping to put my leg up so I can stroke the soft suede, admiring the boots. You can also enjoy the view, with nice close ups of the heel, you will be wishing you were able to worship these boots up close too. F0176
Shoe Play With My Gorgeous Silver High Heels Sandals
22nd April, 2017 / Video length: 3:57
You can have a candid view as I wiggle my toes in my gorgeous silver strappy high heels sandals, scrunching and spreading as much as I can. I slip my sandals off and slide the straps in between my toes, treading on the shoes and playing with them as much as I can. F0156
Teasing You with Sheer Tights Worn Under my Tight Jeans
19th April, 2017 / Video length: 5:58
I love the feeling of wearing tights underneath tight jeans, feeling the soft nylons between my soft legs and the denim. I am wearing dark sheer tights under my favourite dark denim jeans with my sexy black high heel faux suede boots. I lift my top you can see my nylon waist band showing above my low cut jeans, and as I stretch it up even further I feel it gripping my waist snuggly. Unbuttoning my jeans you can see the front of my tights and the seam running down from my waist to the top of my pretty lace thong. Then I put my hands down into my tights stretching them over my hands feeling the gorgeous softness of the sheer nylon. Finally I pull the jeans down to my knees and bend over showing you the sexy reinforced gusset, running my hands over my bottom and thighs, and as I pull my jeans back up and button them I slip off my boots so I can show you my pretty nylon soles. F0230
Teasing You with My Big Black Sheer Backed Panties
16th April, 2017 / Video length: 4:43
I know you are a panty pervert so I have made sure you are lying on the floor beneath me while I tease you with some of my favourite panties, they are big black panties with a sheer back. As I perch on the arm of the sofa I show you as they cover my big perfect ass, before gathering them and pulling them up in between my round ass cheeks. When I turn around I take great pleasure in flashing you the gusset from under my mini skirt, and as I tease you further, playing with my panties more & more, I bet you are dreaming of burying your face deep into them. F0241
Threatening You with My New Severe looking Driving Whip
13th April, 2017 / Video length: 5:15
I have a new driving whip, and what a severe looking whip it is! As I show you the wonderful flex and the amazing grip I explain how it would be great to punish you with. I also explain that if you don’t behave perfectly with your stable boy duties you will feel it across your bare ass. As I swish it through the air, you can hear the perfect swishing & cutting noise it makes, I bet you are shaking in your shoes. I would definitely leave marks across your bottom, and you wouldn’t sit down for a week. So let’s hope you can please me enough and not feel it across you! F0259
Cooking Pasta & Adding My Special Ingredient Of Tiny Men
10th April, 2017 / Video length: 6:39
I am hungry and its time to cook lunch. I boil the kettle and get a pan ready; I pick up my packet of my special ingredient, tiny shrunken men! These men are the lowest of the low and that is why they have been shrunk to the smallest size of my shrinking capabilities. I add the pasta to the boiling water, and then add some salt, before finally sprinkling in some perverted shrunken men. As the water boils I am feeling hungrier & hungrier and when the beeper alarm goes off I am excited, knowing I will soon be crunching & swallowing these tiny pointless men. I sieve the pasta & shrunken men, tip it all into a bowl, and then tuck in with my fork! F0323
Teasing You with My Black PVC High Heel Boots
7th April, 2017 / Video length: 8:36
I am wearing my very sexy black high heel over the knee PVC boots, and you can have the perfect view from my thighs down as I tease you intensely. I walk up and down, showing off the boots long slender heels, and my sexy toned calves. I also sit on the edge of the dressing table so I can rub my legs together, crossing & uncrossing them, so you can hear the seductive noise the PVC makes as it slides together, squeaking and making very naughty sounds. My legs look amazing in these boots, the shiny PVC showing off every curve. I then come even closer giving you very intimate close ups of the heels, and I bet you can imagine running your tongue all the way up can’t you?! F0163
Sexy Foot Show in My Pretty Gold Wedge Sandals
4th April, 2017 / Video length: 5:35
I am wearing my very sexy gold strappy wedge sandals. I wiggle my toes as I give you a close up, and you can see my pretty painted toe nails. I undo my ankle straps and slip my wedges off so I can play with them, standing on them and using my feet to pull on the straps. They slip in between my toes and I give you another close up as I wiggle them with the straps deep in between. F0140
Sexy Layered & Coloured Nylon & Heel Tease
1st April, 2017 / Video length: 3:41
I am wearing my sheer 15 denier lace top holdups in Turquoise on top of my sheer 15 denier tights in Rose Pink. I am also wearing my sexy pink high heels & a pretty pink dress. The layered nylons feel amazing as they grip my legs and they feel very soft as I run my hands up and down my legs. I cross & uncross my legs feeling the smoothness of my thighs before slipping off my dress revealing I am not wearing any panties and the tights have a sexy reinforced gusset. F0209
Teasing You with My Red Lace French Panties
28th March, 2017 / Video length: 4:09
I am wearing my gorgeous red lace French panties. They sit perfectly around my peachy ass and really show off my curved cheeks. I cannot resist teasing you in them, bending over in front of you giving you close ups of my bottom. I show you the front of the panties too then sit back in the chair and open my legs showing you the naughty red panty gusset. Bending over again I pull the panties up in between my ass, and then slowly pull them back into the correct position, arching over my round bum cheeks. By now I promise you will definitely be feeling the effects these red panties are meant to be having on you! F0248