Showing You My Scary Looking New Lunging Whip
25th March, 2017 / Video length: 5:31
I have received a new lunging whip and I thought it only fair to share it with you because, being my stable boy slave, if you do not behave perfectly this week you will be feeling it against your bare ass. It is carved out of wood, which is very usual, but more importantly is the lash. Usually on a lunging whip it is made out of cord, but on this whip it is made of leather! So can you imagine how much it would hurt if you felt it against your bare bottom!? I give you a demonstration, swishing it through the air, what a great noise it makes! I hope you feel intimated, because I expect you to behave immaculately to avoid feeling it against you. F0258
Removing Tiny Men From My Shoes & Swallowing Them
22nd March, 2017 / Video length: 4:27
I have been wearing shrunken men in my flip flops all day, I caught a lots of them under my bed so I punished them all by feeling the under my feet. As I pull my feet out of my flip flops you can see all the shrunken men squashed against my pretty bare soles. I am unsure if any have survived so to make sure I have ended them all I pick them off my soles and swallow them down whole! F0305
Sexy Black Stocking Tease with Six Strap Suspender Belt
19th March, 2017 / Video length: 6:45
These are some of my more unusual stockings, Mary Quant Tiger fancy stockings in black. They are gorgeous and I know you will agree. I am wearing them with my black & gold satin six strap suspender belt, sexy lingerie and my burlesque style black high heels. I tease you with lots of leg crossing, sliding my thighs over each other, feeling the soft sheerness. I give you nice close ups of the tiger pattern as I stroke up and down my long legs. Dangling my heels you can catch the first glimpse of the reinforced toe, before I slip the shoes off completely. You can then have a full view and close up of the whole of the reinforced toe on both of my nylon clad feet. F0186
Teasing You with My Brown Suede High Heel Boots
16th March, 2017 / Video length: 4:26
I am wearing my sexy knee high brown suede high heel boots, with only a pair of satin panties and a long sleeve top. These boots are gorgeous as they have a pretty diamanté design on the side and they make my legs look very long! As I bend over and run my hands up and down the suede I am sure you will enjoy the view, I bet you would love to get near these boots. Then as you get a closer view you can watch as I run my tongue along the slim heel, and before long you will be desperate to worship these naughty high heel boots! F0179
Birdseye View of My Cute Feet in Strappy Sandals
13th March, 2017 / Video length: 6:46
You have a cheeky birdseye view as I film my cute feet in my sexy green strappy high heels sandals as I sit outside. I film my feet from above as I wiggle my toes in my sandals, spreading them too. I then walk across the cobbles precariously, making sure I do not fall over, then onto a grass track. The whole time you can see my feet from above and look at my sexy painted toe nails as a walk. When I sit back down I undo my ankle straps, dangle the sandals from my cute feet before letting the straps in between my toes and pulling on them as I spread & wiggle my toes as much as I can. F0138
Showing Off My Long Legs in Beautiful Lace Top Holdups
10th March, 2017 / Video length: 4:50
I am wearing natural coloured 15 denier lace top holdup stockings. These holdups look very sexy my pretty long legs. I am wearing them underneath my tight grey high waisted and with my glittery silver strappy sandals. I stroke my legs, slipping my hands inside the top of the holdup. They feel amazing as I cross and uncross my legs, sliding my thighs over each other, and I can hear the soft noise of the nylons rubbing together. You can clearly see my pretty toes though my nylons as I show you close ups of my sandals and I wiggle them feeling the softness rub against my toes, and as I play with my holdups I am sure you will appreciate just how sexy they are. F0202
Punishing You with My Long Dangerous Lunging Whip
7th March, 2017 / Video length: 5:59
I am displeased with you stable boy, when I went to my stables the other day they were nowhere near as tidy as I expect. So I have brought you outside so I can punish you with one of my lunging whips. I am so annoyed that it seems only fair that I show you exactly how much by the size of the whip I use on you. First I demonstrate the nice cracking sound it can make when it is used correctly. I show you the thick long cord that makes up the main length of the whip and also the thinner cord on the end that I hope I can get right across the middle of your buttocks if I time it right. So now it is time, drop your trousers and your pants and face the logs with your hands on you head as I get ready to thrash you. Be prepared to be kept in suspense as well, as I plan to spend time trying to get the long lunge whip to connect in just the right place on your ass. F0257
Teasing You with My Red Satin Panties
4th March, 2017 / Video length: 4:19
I am wearing a tight red dress with red heels, but most importantly over the top of red satin panties. I tease you, flashing you the shiny red gusset from underneath the short dress while I cross and uncross my legs. I pull my dress up and show you the back of the panties and you can clearly see how they are a little too small and struggle to cover my big perfect round ass. So I pull the soft panties up into my ass, wedgying my big round bottom. As I slip my dress off completely I sit closer, giving you nice close ups of the panties, front and back. You will be left wishing you could bury your face in their silkiness and my delicious round ass! F0242
Teasing You in Sexy Big Seamed Natural Tights
1st March, 2017 / Video length: 4:23
These are very special tights, the pattern runs only up the back, from the toe all the way up to under the bottom. I am wearing the tights under my sexy tight white dress and with my natural high heels. I am modelling them for you without panties because I love the way the pattern draws you to just under the buttocks. I slip off my dress so you can appreciate the tights in full, giving you lingering views from the back so you can absorb the beautiful large patterned seam fully. I put my hands down my tights, stretching the nylons as I grab my bottom beneath, then pulling the waist band up high around my waist. I slip off my heels and show you the pretty soles, pulling on the nylons across my toes. F0194
Wearing High Heel PVC Boots with My Headmistress Outfit
28th February, 2017 / Video length: 6:23
I am in a naughty Headmistress mood, so I have decided to wear my over the knee, PVC, high heel boots with my Headmistress outfit. It really does make my conservative outfit look quite slutty, it is highly inappropriate wear for a Headmistress but I don’t care. I bet you wish I would call you into my office while wearing these boots...?! They make a very naughty noise when they rub together, and as I play with my cane, running it along the PVC, you will be captivated. They make my legs look extra long too, with the platform and the very long, slender heel. I know my students won’t care that I am wearing these slutty boots so I think I will wear them all day! F0169
Candid View As I Play With My Pretty Thong Sandals
25th February, 2017 / Video length: 3:53
These gorgeous flat sandals make my feet look so pretty. You have the perfect close up candid view as I sit on my chair and wiggle my toes lots & lots, and you can clearly see the sexy thong in between my toes as I do. There are lots of close ups of my toenails, and as I slip off the sandals you can see my bare soles plus lots of shoes play with straps slipping in & out between my toes. F0135
A Candid Pantyhose Leg Show to Intensify Your Addiction
22nd February, 2017 / Video length: 7:17
I am wearing gorgeous patterned tights in Black. They have a very sexy diamond pattern side seam running all the way from my little toe to the top of my thigh. I am wearing them under my sexy black mini skirt and with black high heels. I cross and uncross my long legs, before sitting on the edge of my desk so you have a view of the full length of the seam and my legs. I dangle my heels so you can see the side seam going all the way down to my toe, then sliding off my heels reveal the nylon soles of my pretty little feet. These tights are so soft I continuously run my hands up and down my legs feeling the softness on my fingertips. You will be mesmerised by my legs which mean you fall even deeper under my spell intensifying your addiction. F0197
Threatening You with My New Lunging Whip
19th February, 2017 / Video length: 7:57
I have received a new lunging whip and I am desperate to play with it. I thought, as my stable & whipping boy, it is important you watched, it can then severe as a warning to you! Dressed in my satin shirt, jodhpurs & boots I practice using it in front of you, making sure you understand that if you misbehave, in even the smallest way, I will use it on your naked behind. It has a tremendous flex and as I swish it through the air I try and get it to crack, it is such an amazing sound! Can you imagine how much it would hurt if I used it on your bare flesh?! It would leave some nice red makes across your ass too! F0256
Do Not Take Your Eyes off My Nylon Legs as I Tease You
16th February, 2017 / Video length: 3:37
I am outside in the sunshine wearing my sexy black tights with ankle detail black, underneath a sexy denim skirt and with black high heel slip on mules. The tights pattern is a small leaf design but only on the back on the lower part of the calf. It is very subtle and cute. I give you a sexy leg show in these tights, lots of back views showing off the pattern as I run my hands up and down my legs. You better make sure you do not take your eyes off my legs throughout as I intend you to fall even more under my spell! F0225
Controlling You with a Satin Panty Tease & Face Sitting
13th February, 2017 / Video length: 4:00
I am wearing some of my softest satin panties, and I fully intend to use them to reel you in even further into my addiction web. You WILL become completely addicted to my perfect ass & panties. First I tease you with them, running my hands all over them tell you just how soft they are. I bet you would love to feel then against your face, wouldn’t you?! Well you are in luck as I am going to give you a sexy POV face sitting. You will be dreaming of my panty covered ass wrapped around your face, so much so you will not realise just how addicted to my ass & satin panties you have become. F0249