Worship My Feet As I Play With My Heels under My Desk
10th February, 2017 / Video length: 6:17
I am wearing my sexy deep gold strappy sandals, and as I sit at my desk you have a close up view under the desk where you can worship my pretty little feet. You can see my pretty painted toe nails as I swing my feet and wiggle my toes inside my heels. I undo my sexy ankle strips and strip off the sandals, dangling them off my toes as I spread them. When the shoes drop I play, moving them around with my feet, letting the straps sliding in and out between my cute toes. F0159
Perving on Your Mistress As I Play with My Panties
7th February, 2017 / Video length: 7:33
I am outside in the sunshine wearing jeans & a vest over some of my sexiest & softest panties. You know you want to see my panties; you worship my ass and everything that gets near it! So I suggest you buy this clip and watch closely as I pull my panties up high above my jeans, gathering them in my pretty ass. I also pull my jeans down so I can tease you with my full panties on show, smoothing them over my perfect round ass running my hands all over their softness, and then pulling them up again. As I play with my panties you will be transfixed, and you will dream about getting on your knees & burying your face in my perfect panty covered bottom. F0247
Teasing You with Lace Top Holdups Underneath My Skirt
4th February, 2017 / Video length: 5:59
I am wearing my gorgeous lace top holdups underneath my tight headmistress skirt. I love these holdups, the lace top is nice and big gripping my thigh and they have a nice shine to them. As I sit up on my desk I cross & uncross my legs feeling the softness against my legs, and if you are lucky you will hear the soft noise it makes. You will have a nice close up view as I dangle my heels, and you can see my pretty nylon toes as I do. Finally I slip off my skirt and show you these holdups in all their glory; they look absolutely amazing, and you will worship my legs in these holdups as they deserve nothing less! F0219
Perving On My Legs In Black Stockings As I Wash Up
1st February, 2017 / Video length: 7:55
I am wearing sheer black stockings with my pretty black satin six strap suspender belt, and you can perv on me from the waist down as I do the washing up. My legs look so long in these sexy stocking, I slip off my heels and run my nylon foot up against my nylon legs making a soft noise as they brush together. I cross my legs as I stand at the sink and you can see the naughty view from behind with my elegant high heels. As I turn around I rub my legs together some more, it feels so nice the soft nylons against my skin. You should be warned perving on my legs will definitely increase your infatuation with my legs even further. F0214
Strengthening My Control with a Boot & Pantyhose Tease
28th January, 2017 / Video length: 4:21
I am wearing sexy suede high heel boots with natural coloured pantyhose under a very short mini skirt. I know how easy it is to control you with my legs, but if I wear pantyhose & boots as well you will be putty in my hands. So if you are brave enough to buy this clip you should be prepared for your infatuation to grow. I will own you and you will submit to me completely, and you will continue to dream about my sexy legs in boots and becoming my full time slave. F0164
Watch My Pretty Feet As I Play With My Rope Toe Thong
25th January, 2017 / Video length: 6:03
I am sitting at my desk I am wearing my cute flat rope, toe thong, sandals. You can watch from under my desk as I wiggle my toes and spread them showing you the thong in between them. I slip my sandals off and play with them, standing on them and letting all the rope straps slip in and out in between my toes. You will worship my perfect feet as I play with my shoes, and imagine slipping your tongue between my toes like a good boy. F0158
Teasing You with My Gorgeous Legs in Seamed Pantyhose
22nd January, 2017 / Video length: 9:08
I love these seamed pantyhose, especially with the Cuban heel. I am wearing the pantyhose under a sexy, tight dress and with sexy red high heels, just to make my legs look even longer. I tease you as I run my hands up any down my legs feeling the softness, crossing and uncrossing, rubbing my thighs together as I do. Bending over in front of you I show off the reinforced gusset and my nice round bottom covered by nylon. I dangle my heels from my toe before slipping of my dress so you can see me in just my lingerie and tights, showing the full length of my legs and the beautiful straight seem running up the full length of them. I put my hands down my tights, stretching them as I grab my sexy bottom. Slipping off my heels so I can give you a nice close up view of the reinforced soles and Cuban heel! I promise you will fall in love with these tights; however you will also be completely infatuated with me & my long legs! F0098
Mesmerised By My Gorgeous Legs in Sheer Pantyhose
19th January, 2017 / Video length: 8:27
I as I sit at my dressing table in my tight white dress and matching white stilettos you have a very nice view of my sexy long legs in sheer natural coloured pantyhose. You will be mesmerised as I cross and uncross my legs feeling the softness of the tights against my skin as they rub together. I dangle my heels from my toe and then when I slip off my dress you can see my black panties underneath. As I side my hands inside my tights and stretch them you can hear the naughty noise the stretching nylon makes, and you will know by this point your infatuation with my nylon legs will have reached a new all-time high! F0205
Perving on My Panties While I Hang Out the Washing
16th January, 2017 / Video length: 2:28
It is a warm sunny day and I need to hang out some washing... when I say washing I mean a few pairs of my freshly washed panties. As I walk outside with the washing basket I pretend not to notice you waiting to perv on me, it is amusing you are so desperate. As I hang my panties on the line you get down low so you can have a sneaky look up my skirt at the soft pink panties I am currently wearing. As they gather ever so slightly in my ass I can only imagine how much more infatuated you are becoming with me and my perfectly round ass! Sometimes its good to let you perv, just to ensure you fall even deeper under my spell! You have no idea it is all part of the bigger plan to control you completely! F0253
Worship My Legs in Sexy Dark Pantyhose Under my Desk
13th January, 2017 / Video length: 12:03
I am wearing sheer dark tights, these gorgeous tights are so soft and sheer, they feel amazing against my smooth legs. You will worship my legs as I sit at my desk, crossing and uncrossing my legs, watching carefully as the soft tights slip over each other. I open my legs so you can catch a sneaky peak of my sexy thighs and the gusset of the tights before slipping off my heels and dangling them from my toes. I come round to the front of my desk so you can have a close up of my legs. I rub them together slowly and you can clearly hear the sensual sound of the soft nylons rubbing together. Slipping off my heels I slide my feet up and down my legs, then moving back behind my desk I swing my feet backwards and forward as I sit on the edge. With my ankles crossed I give you a gorgeous view of the soles of my nylon feet, and by this point I can guarantee you will have lost all control. F0183
Increase Your Addiction with this Sexy Stocking Show
10th January, 2017 / Video length: 2:51
I am wearing my 15 denier stockings in black with my sexy black satin six strap suspender belt, and I am wearing them with my sexy black high heel mules. If you thought you were addicted to my legs before watching this clip then you have absolutely no idea! As I run my hands up and down my legs feeling the softness and giving you a show of just how long my legs are you will be transfixed. I give you a close up views of my soft stocking tops, and also close ups as I dangle my cute heels. There is lots of crossing and uncrossing as I love to feel my nylon legs slide against each other. Finally I slip off my heels and show you my sexy stocking covered soles. F0229
Worship My Hunter Welly Boots as I Splash in Puddles
7th January, 2017 / Video length: 4:21
It has been raining hard and I am feeling a bit bored, so I decide to go for a walk. I am wearing my dirty navy blue hunter wellington boots, and with good reason. I plan to walk through and jump in as many dirty muddy puddles as I can find, and I know you will be desperate for a close up view of my wellie boots as I do. You will be transfixed by my sexy hunter boots, and with each step I take you will be dreaming about running you tongue the full length of the dirty rubber boots worn at the end of my perfect long legs! You will worship them and fantasise about feeling them against your face! F0160
Punished for Trying To Escape By Crushing Your Friends
4th January, 2017 / Video length: 4:34
All your friends trusted you when you told them you could help them to escape. You told them that you had got hold of lots of shrunken cars and you could get them all out of my evil clutches once and for all. They had even told their friends and as a result lots and lots of shrunken men thought you were their saviour. But they were wrong. I am always one step ahead and I have found out about your plan, and I have gathered up all your friends and the escape cars. As I lay them all out on the floor I explain what is about to happen. I am going to crush them all in front of you. I think you should watch their demise because it is your fault, you know trying to escape cannot go unpunished and it was too big a risk. As you watch them perish under my high heels and my bare feet I explain that when it is all over you will fall to the same fate! F0316
Captivated By My Feet As I Change into Sexy High Heels
1st January, 2017 / Video length: 6:56
After a long day of wearing my enclosed court shoes I am desperate to slip into my strappy heels and have the freedom to wiggle my toes. So I slip off my warm court shoes, dangling them from my pretty bare feet before letting them drop. While my feet are exposed I take a minute to spread & wiggle my toes as much as I can, showing my bare soles as I do, I even give my tired soles a little massage. Next I slowly slip on my prettiest black strappy heels with a cute chain, and when they are all fastened up I then give you a very foot show in the heels. You will be captivated as I spread my toes in the heels, and then bunch them up tight. You will be dreaming of getting on your knees and sticking your tongue in between them! F0143
Perverted Shrunken Men Forced To Live In My Panties
28th December, 2016 / Video length: 10:38
I have found quite a few shrunken men living in my knicker drawer, and they must be punished. To teach them a lesson I have been carrying them around in my panties all day. As I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea you can see these poor tiny men trapped in the seat of my sheer pasties. I think most of them are still alive so I explain to them how I shall sit up on the work surface so they will feel the weight of my big ass come down hard on top of them! I then take the biggest one out of my panties and make him watch as I try and finish off the rest of the men. Eventually I take all of the shrunken men out of my panties and drop them into my tea, for those that are still alive they are about to be swallowed whole, ending up deep inside me! F0320