Candid View of My Gold Sandals from Under My Desk
25th December, 2016 / Video length: 4:35
I am wearing my favourite gold sandals in my office, and you can have a cheeky candid view from under my desk as I cross and uncross my legs, swinging my feet one but one as I wiggle my toes. As I stand up I point my toes in the heels and you can see my gorgeous painted toe nails. F0157
Perving On Your Giant Goddess As I Change For Bed
22nd December, 2016 / Video length: 2:34
You are hiding, tucked against my skirting, hoping I wont see you. You are so very teeny tiny that you may just get away with it. You are hoping to see as much of me as possible as I slip off my clothes and get changed into my satin pyjamas. You really are a dirty shrunken pervert. However this is always a dangerous game to play. Other than the risk of getting caught you also run the risk of being smothered in my discarded clothes & lingerie or squashed under my high heels. As you try to flatten yourself as much as you can against the skirting, hoping you can perv safely, you come very close indeed to being finished off as my clothes & heels head your way! F0335
Worship Me in My Brown High Heel Suede Boots
19th December, 2016 / Video length: 5:16
I am wearing my very sexy high heel brown suede boots and pretty lace lingerie. These boots are really something special and if you buy and watch this clip your addiction to me will be grow even more powerful. As I silently walk around in the boots, showing them off you will be captivated, dreaming of running your tongue all the way from the top of the heels to the top of the thigh. They feel great to wear, I feel very powerful and sexy in them, knowing that I can control any man, especially the weak. So will you dare buy this clip? It will be a risk, but definitely one worth taking! F0174
Candid View of My Long Legs in Seamed Stockings
16th December, 2016 / Video length: 6:57
I am working in my office; I'm wearing pretty natural seamed stockings with red high heels. You can watch my legs from under my desk as I cross and uncross, with the soft nylons slipping over each other. I slip off my heels, dangling them off my toe before slipping them off completely and playing with them using my feet. As I grow restless I come round to the front of my desk and sit up on it. You can see a close up of my legs as I swing them backwards and forward, crossing and uncrossing my ankles and dangling my heels. I slip my heels off completely and show you the soles of my feet so you can see the seam running along the bottom, and my toes through the stockings. F0182
Avoiding Heels & Falling Books Trying To Get To Your Car
13th December, 2016 / Video length: 7:44
I am in my library sorting through books. However I haven't noticed you watching your two tiny shrunken friends wait at the base of my ladder. They are hoping to get to their shrunken car on the opposite side, but as my heels move around as I climb up and down the ladder they are frozen with fear, not wanting to get trodden on. As if that wasn't scary enough, as I thrown books down on to the floor you will have to watch out too, because you are just as likely to get flattened. However I soon spot the shrunken car and I know there will be shrunken men nearby. Soon enough I discover your two friends and you can only watch as I first crush the car under my high heels and then your friends under my bare foot. F0315
Mesmerizing Candid Leg Show in My Patterned Tights
10th December, 2016 / Video length: 4:50
I am wearing my gorgeous Jonathan Aston opaque tights in Blue Velvet with no panties underneath. You can watch me from the waist down as I give you a sexy leg show in these pretty tights. I dangle my heels and double dip, I rub my legs together as I cross & uncross them as I lean against the sink. I put my hands inside the tights and stretch them, pulling on the waist band. They feel so good against my skin I'm enjoying every second I play with them. F0212
Punishing Shrunken Men By Squeezing Them In My Toes
7th December, 2016 / Video length: 9:29
I have several shrunken men that are in the process of being punished, they have all been caught doing various perverted things. Some have been carried around my tight jean pockets all day, getting nearly squashed to when I sit down, and the other, slightly smaller, shrunken men have spent the day on my warm high heel shoes avoiding getting flattened by my sweaty feet. However I have decided to punish them even more severely, so I slip off my high heels and line up all the tiny men on my foot stool. I bring my hot bare feet down on all of them at once, picking them up with my toes, watching them get stuck in between my toes. I press my toes & the balls of my feet together, making sure there are several tiny men squashed in the middle. I can feel them squirming. I'm not sure if they will survive or not so I promise that those who do survive this trauma will be release to live another day, but will any of them make it?! F0313
You Have Fallen Right into My Honey Trap You Loser
4th December, 2016 / Video length: 5:33
I saw you in the bar tonight and invited you back to my home. You clearly think you are some kind of stud and your luck is in. So I ask you to describe all the things you want to do to me then tell you to drop your trousers! Oh dear, is that all you have! That is amusing! Well I think now is the time to tell you that you do not stand a hope in hell of getting anywhere near me! This whole thing is a honey trap set up by your wife! She had her suspicions you were a cheat and it turns out that she is right. What you dont know is the room is rigged up with cameras, so everything you have just said is caught on film! So now your wife can divorce you and final be rid of you and your cheating ways, oh and your tiny dick! Make no mistake, she will be taking you to the cleaners, and I will be getting a hefty chuck of that money too! Now pull your trousers up you pathetic excuse of a man! F0238
Shrunken Man Gets Punished With My Giant Feet
1st December, 2016 / Video length: 5:36
I have caught a shrunken man hiding behind my skirting; he has been watching me as I sleep. Im sure I have caught him before so this time I will punish him harder. As his tiny stature stands in front of me I toy with him, grabbing him repeatedly with my pretty toes and treading on him, but only lightly to start with, I don't want to squash him just yet. I sandwich him in between the balls of my feet and my toes, picking him up off the ground. Will I finish him off? Of course, dirty shrunken perverts cannot be allowed to live! So I bring my foot down hard onto his tiny body, flattening him once and for all! F0329
A Quick Satin Panty Tease from Your Mistress
28th November, 2016 / Video length: 2:11
I'm wearing my purple satin panties and I thought I should keep up your addiction by giving you a very quick panty tease. So watch closely as I show you the soft satin around my perfect ass, and open my legs showing you the equally soft shiny gusset. You will be wishing you can bury your face in the satin, and there is no doubt your addiction will be freshly renewed! F0250
Watching Your Friends Exterminated By a Giant Goddess
25th November, 2016 / Video length: 6:44
I have spotted you and your three shrunken friends perving at me as I have been getting ready for a night out. How dare you try and secretly perv on your giant goddess, you must know that this will not go unpunished! So, one by one, I decide your friends fate, I hope you are watching closely as you will be meeting an equally sticky end. Your first friend suffers underneath my big bottom as I sit down on him hard. Your second friend gets chewed up and swallowed, he tastes good! Your third friend gets tucked inside my shoe where he will stay for the evening to be disposed of later. Then that leaves only you, what will your fate be?! As I slip of my shoe I think you know what is coming as I bring my big giantess foot down on top of you! F0337
Reinforcing My Control Over You with a Candid Nylon Show
22nd November, 2016 / Video length: 10:43
I have some work to catch up with so I am sitting at my desk tapping away on my keyboard. As I sit at my desk I cross & uncross my soft nylon legs and if you listen closely you can hear the nylon rubbing together, I love teasing you like this. I need a reference book from my vast library so as I choose one I bend over in front of you flashing my reinforced gusset. As I sit back down at my desk there is lots more crossing and uncrossing before I dangle my heels then slip them off and rub my feet. You will get a nice view of the tights subtle reinforced toe as well as the soles of my nylon feet. F0195
Filling My Sexy Red High Heels With Shrunken Men
19th November, 2016 / Video length: 5:24
I have a build-up of shrunken men; I appear to be overrun with them. So I decide to have some fun with a mass crushing. I have my teeny tiny victims in a small dish and I know exactly what I going to do with them. I slip of my very sexy red high heels court shoes and explain to all the shrunken men that I will be filling my heels with their tiny bodies and then slipping my heels back on. As I pour them into my shoes they all slide down to the toe, the most dangerous part for them to be. Putting the heels down onto the floor I feel excited at the thought of forcing my shoe back on, and as I do you can hear all the crushing noises from within. As I sit back down I cannot resist checking just how many shrunken men have stuck to the bottom of my warm foot! F0307
Teasing You with a Sexy Nylon Show in My Pretty Tights
16th November, 2016 / Video length: 7:51
I am wearing my Adrian 20 denier patterned natural coloured tights. These tights are very sexy with their pattern focusing on the shin, a cute lace up pattern with a bow just above the knee. You can see the full length of my legs as I tease you, bending over and running my hands up and down my legs and showing you the reinforced gusset. There is lots of crossing & uncrossing my legs, stretching the waist band as I pull it up high and close-ups of dangling my heels before showing you the soles of my nylon clad feet. F0228
Risking Your Life Perving At My Giant Red Satin Panties
13th November, 2016 / Video length: 5:10
You have figured out that if you hide in my kitchen cupboards it may just be the best place to have a good look up my skirt, when I open the cupboard and bend over. You think this may be slightly safer because you have some cover. It is still a big risk to take though because if I do catch you there is a good chance I will destroys you, and as I bend down to get something else from my cupboard I spot you! Unimpressed I slip off my shoe and press my hot bare foot down onto you, I want you to be reminded just how easily I could squash you if I wanted. The torment has only just started though, and seeing as you like panties I pick you up and push you into the satin, trying to suffocate you, but this is not the end. I decide I will drop you into my panties and you can spend the rest of the day trying not to get squashed by my big round bottom! F0321