Changing Into High Heel Sandals In My Headmistress Office
10th November, 2016 / Video length: 7:08
I have some new sexy strappy sandals, they have lots of straps, and they are purple with big diamantes down the front. I am desperate to try them on so I slip off my court shoes, dangling them as I do, and showing you my bare soles. I slowly put on my new sandals then give you a little show, wiggling my toes, swinging my feet in front of you as I sit up on the desk, and showing you just how sexy me feet look in these gorgeous high heel sandals. F0146
Threatening A Shrunken Man I Find On My Bedroom Floor
7th November, 2016 / Video length: 5:51
I have found an inch high shrunken man on my bedroom floor. Standing there as bold as brass. He is either frozen with fear, very brave or very stupid. As he looks up at me, while I wear only my white cotton lingerie, he must be able to sense just how powerful I am. He is barely as tall as my toe when I stand in front of him, but as I knee down to look at him properly you can see just how insignificant he really is. I explain that he cannot just come into my bedroom ad perv on me in my lingerie and that I might just decide to squash him. It would be so easy to finish such a tiny man off. I threaten him, showing him all the different ways I could terminate him. I show him my giant cleavage; he could so easily suffocate in there. Then I show him my huge round squashy bottom, he would easily disappear into my warm cleft. And finally my big giantess foot, which could flatten him completely! Will I let him Live?! F0327
Close Up Candid View of Your Mistresses Big White Panties
4th November, 2016 / Video length: 3:24
As I sit outside in the sun in my summer dress you will have a close up candid view. Watch closely as I cross and uncross my legs, giving you lingering flashes of my white cotton panties. As I open my legs and start to play with my panties, bunching them in the front, and then turning a little so you can see the panties wrapped around my perfect ass. If you weren't already addicted to my panties then you certainly will be after watching this clip! F0245
Shrunken Men Punished After being Caught In My Shoes
1st November, 2016 / Video length: 3:52
I have found several shrunken men hiding and even sleeping in my shoe. The cheek! If I want to crush tiny men in my shoe it will be my decision when and where, not because I slipped my foot into my shoe crushing them without realising. Luckily I checked my shoes before slipping them on and now I have found them they will be punished. Seeing as they are so keen being in my shoes I decide they will be forced in between my warm toes and then I shall wear them in my high heels all night! Lets see how they fair, I don't expect they will last long! F0319
Changing Into My Sexy High Heel Boots for You to Worship
28th October, 2016 / Video length: 6:14
It is that time in the afternoon where I feel a little naughty and what to change into some sexy high heel boots. So I slip off my classic court shoes and pull on my gorgeous dark blue, high heel studded boots. They look amazing with my tight Headmistress outfit and as I invite you for a closer look you will feel very excited by them, especially as you know what is coming next. I tell you to get down on the floor, where you belong, so you are eye level with my sexy boots, and you are now at the perfect height to worship them. So give the heels a lick and watch carefully as I walk up and down in front of you, I bet you are imagine theses boots trampling all over your exposed body! F0170
Squashing Shrunken Men Under My Big Panty Bottom
25th October, 2016 / Video length: 6:36
I have found three shrunken men hiding behind my book. Who knows what they were after but I intend to punish them regardless! I take the first man and lay him on the arm of the chair; I sit my big giant bottom down on him hard! Then I tread on him, threating him with my big high heel. Not wanting to leave the other two men out I take them both, in turn, and lay them next to their friend, then slip off my tight skirt and sit down again on all three of them. All three can feel my big giantess bottom in big white cotton panties squashing them, the soft cotton smothering them. After being flattened by my bottom there is only one thing left to do drop them into my cup of tea and drink down their tiny bodies. F0306
Hosing Down my Warm Pretty Feet in Flip Flop Sandals
22nd October, 2016 / Video length: 4:01
It is a very warm day and I am wearing my cute thong flip flops. I thought it would be nice to switch the hose on and dangle my feet underneath while still wearing my flip flops. As the water runs in between my toes it feels nice and cold, I wiggle my toes under the water and dangle. As the flip flips slip off my feet you can see the water running down may pretty bare feet & toes. F0133
Crushing Shrunken Men's Cars So They Cannot Escape Me
19th October, 2016 / Video length: 4:10
I have caught two tiny shrunken men in my garden next to their tiny shrunken cars. They were clearly about to make a getaway. How foolish to think they could ever escape me! Now I have caught them they will be punished. So I make them both watch as, one by one, I crush their beloved cars in front of them, their only means of a quicker escape. As I stamp my sexy white stilettos shoes down on the cars they crush easily beneath my soles and heels, I explain how this could so easily be their tiny bodies. The question is will I let them go free or will I crush them to?! F0304
Secret Patterned Tights Under My Tight Headmistress Skirt
16th October, 2016 / Video length: 9:16
It may look like I am wearing plain sheer tights under my tight Headmistress skirt but I will let you in on a little secret, I am actually wearing sexy patterned tights, Fiore 20 denier Lukrecja in black. No one knows that underneath my skirt are these cute patterned tights but I have decided you should get to see them in their fill glory. So I slip off my skirt so you can see every inch of these pretty tights. There is lots of crossing & uncrossing of my legs, dangling and I also show you my feet & soles and wiggle my toes in the nylon. Now get on your knees and admire your Headmistresses lovely long legs. F0215
Shrinking You To Add To My Collection Of Tiny Men
13th October, 2016 / Video length: 5:35
I have invited you back for a coffee, and I imagine you think your luck is in. How wrong you are. You could not possibly think you stood a chance with me?! You have been leering and perving all night and all I really want to do is teach you a lesson. So I am going to shrink you down to only an inch tall and add you to my collection of already shrunken men. You do not seem to believe me, but that is your mistake. Be warned, I am told the shrinking process is very painful! Now you are in inch high you can see that you are even shorter than my high heel, I bet you believe me now don't you! But now it is time to look up at your new giant goddess, it is your destiny and you will spend the rest of your life looking up at me, hoping that I will have mercy on you! F0333
Lick & Suck on My Hot Sweaty Socked Feet You Loser
10th October, 2016 / Video length: 7:54
I have been wearing my cute summer outfit all today. My sexy vest, shorts, white ankle socks & pumps. It has been very warm so my cute little white ankle socks are very hot & very sweaty in my tight little pumps. I know that you will do anything I tell you so I cannot possibly pass up on humiliating you with my warm feet. I am going to slip off my warm pumps and you will bury your face in them, breath in their warm sweaty smell. You will lick my socked soles, tasting my wet, warm sweat, and any sock fluff will stick to your tongue. You will then open wide as I force my feet into your mouth so you can suck on as much of my foot as you can. Sucking out all the sweat embedded in my socks. Finally I will peel them off my cute feet and stuff both socks in your mouth, and you will keep them in your mouth for the rest of the day, constantly sucking on them and tasting my warm foot sweat! F0131
Sexy Lace Top Holdups Underneath My Headmistress Outfit
7th October, 2016 / Video length: 7:54
I have come to my Headmistress office because my legs are feeling a bit naked and I need some nylons to wear underneath my tight outfit. I look through my drawer and find my Oroblu Chic Up 15 denier holdups in nude, perfect! I slip off my skirt and run the holdups through my fingers felling their softness, before gathering them up in my hands and slipping them over my toes and stretching them all the way up my long legs. The lace tops feel nice and snug around my thighs. I give you a little nylon leg & foot show before slipping my shirt back on. You can them admire my nylons as part of my sexy outfit before I head back to the rest of the school. F0218
Candid View of My Sexy Natural Big Lace Top Holdups
4th October, 2016 / Video length: 6:11
I am wearing my Falke 15 denier big lace top holdups in Golden. They are so soft and you can have a candid view as I enjoy them in the kitchen. I run my hands up and down my legs, pulling on the elasticated tops. I rub my legs together and they glide over each other, and if you are lucky you will be able to hear the soft noise them make. I sit up on the kitchen surface and cross and uncross my legs, then dangle my sexy stilettos from my nylon clad toe. When my heels drop to the floor I stand on them and enjoy a little shoe play. There will be no doubt you will want to worship my legs in these nylons! F0213
Enjoying My Diamante Sandals in My Headmistress Office
1st October, 2016 / Video length: 4:32
I shouldn't really wear sandals when I am at work, the students just don't take me seriously if I am wearing glittering strappy high heel sandals. However that does stop me slipping them on when I am alone in my office. You can watch my feet close up as I enjoy wearing these pretty shoes and wiggling my toes in them! You will be dreaming of slipping your tongue in between my toes like a good boy for the rest of the day! F0144
Trying On My New Boots with My Headmistress Outfit
28th September, 2016 / Video length: 4:39
I have received some new suede boots. They are light brown suede with diamantes & a zip. I want to try them on to see what they look light with my tight sexy Headmistress outfit, so I slip off my high heel court shoes before sliding the boots up my toned calves and zipping them up. I wonder if anyone would notice if I kept these boots on for the rest of the day. They are a bit too naughty for a Headmistress to wear, but I don't care, and I shall wear them anyway. I know it has already got your pulse racing! F0171