Punished By Being Forced Into My Cleavage & Bra
25th September, 2016 / Video length: 6:35
You and your pervert friend have been caught napping in my bras! Did you not realise you would get caught. It was a very big risk to take just to snuggle up in my soft bars, even if they do smell of my gorgeous round breasts. Now you will be taught a lesson, and it seems fitting you should suffocate in my soft giantess breasts & bra. First I take your friend and squeeze him in between my breasts; then I force him head first into my bra, pressing him hard against my squishy warm nipple. I hope you have watched all of this closely because you are about to suffer the same fate, now take a long deep breath, you'll need it! F0325
Perving On Your Giant Goddess Heels Can Be Dangerous
22nd September, 2016 / Video length: 6:04
You are hiding under my chair desperate to get close to my gorgeous high heels. To a tiny shrunken like you they must seem monstrous, you really are playing a dangerous game, I hope it is worth it. You continue to perv on my giant feet in my cute open toe heels and dream of crawling up into my toes, it would be very warm and tight in there, but as move my feet around in front of you come very close to being crushed, by my heel and my bare feet. However youre out of luck when I spot you and grab you. If you are so keen to be close to my feet & shoes then your can have your wish. I place you on the floor beneath me and bring the sole of my shoe down on top of you, then squash you a little with the tip of my heel, before finally finishing you once and for all by crushing you completely. F0314
Shrinking My Husband & Disposing of Him for Good
19th September, 2016 / Video length: 3:37
As you can see I am on my way out for the evening. What you don't know is that I am planning to find myself a real man! You are such a useless husband I cannot stand you anymore and I want rid of you. Even after being married to me all these years you dont have a clue about my ability to shrink men, and unfortunately for you it will make disposing of you easy without ever being found out. Now I have shrunk you to only half an inch tall, about the same size as your dick if I remember rightly, I am going to tread on you, squashing you down to nothing. My feet that you love so much, that you are always desperate to rub and kiss, they will be end of you, the irony. As I bring my foot down on top of you I explain that the only memory I will have of you is the smear briefly left on the bottom of my foot! F0318
Hanging Out My Washing with Tiny Shrunken Men
16th September, 2016 / Video length: 7:59
I have found some shrunken me in my laundry basket snuggled up in my worn panties, dirty little perverts! Naturally they must be punished for this disgusting behaviour and I have perfect punishment. I need to wash my panties so I gather them up, still with the tiny men inside, and throw them all into my washing machine, then switch it on. When they are finished I gather the clean panties and shrivelled shrunken men and take them out to the washing line. As I hang my panties I even use the little men as pegs, who knew they had a use?! When they are all hung out to dry I explain that they need to watch out for the birds, as they will most likely peck at their bodies and peck off their teany tiny heads. F0312
I Found You In My Food Cupboard So Prepare To Be Eaten
13th September, 2016 / Video length: 5:50
You are only half an inch tall and I have found you hiding in my food cupboard. How dare you go near my food. I bet you have been nibbling away at it all filling your tiny tummy. You are so small and pointless how dare you think you can behave like this, you will be punished. Seeing as you are so keen to be in my food cupboard then I think it only fitting treat you as food! So as I make my breakfast of porridge I explain, in detail, how I will drop you into my porridge, stir you in, and then eat it all down, crunching through your tiny body as I do! F0322
Birds Eye View of My Beautiful Blue Patterned Tights
10th September, 2016 / Video length: 4:26
I am holding the camera myself and filming my legs from above so you can have the same view as me as I caress these beautiful blue patterned tights. Jonathan Aston Jewel tights in Blue Velvet. I am wearing them with my black high heels and no panties underneath. I film up and down my legs as I cross & uncross, rubbing my legs together, and you can hear the delightful sound as the nylons slide across each other. I dangle my high heels before slipping them off and showing you the soles of these pretty patterned tights. I run my feet up and down my legs feeling the smoothness, while you get a close up of the pattern stretching over my thighs as my legs lift towards my face and the camera. Warning, buying this clip will just increase your addiction to my perfect long legs. F0187
Candid View as I Go for a Walk in My Strappy Sandals
7th September, 2016 / Video length: 4:17
As I go for a walk in my pretty high heel, strappy, slip on sandals you can have a sexy candid view. Watching my feet swing backwards and forwards, and you can hear the sexy sound of the mules slapping against my heels and soles. You can also hear the sound of my high heels clip clopping along the path. F0150
Mistress Webcam Recording of Pantyhose Tease Show
4th September, 2016 / Video length: 8:54
I have recorded one of my live webcam shows, and guy who booked the show was more than happy for me to share it with you as he will agree to anything to please me. I am wearing Oroblu Riga 20 denier tights in black underneath a sexy office outfit with black stilettos. These seamed tights with a Cuban heel, seam and reinforced gusset are very popular on webcam and in my clips. I start my tease by running my hands up and down my legs saying how they feel, soft, smooth & sheer. I show off the gorgeous straight seam and try to entice you by saying how I know you would love to bury your face in these soft black tights. I tease some more with dangling, glimpses of the reinforced gusset and slipping off my heels to show you the gorgeous Cuban heel. F0199
Giant Goddess Crushes Shrunken Man In His Minibus
1st September, 2016 / Video length: 5:06
You have been planning an escape, and you have also planned to take some other shrunken men with you and that is why you have gone to great lengths to find a minibus. I'm not sure where you found it but I think you now know what is going to happen. You took a big risk but now you have been caught, so you will get inside this minibus and I will teach you a lesson. Once you are inside the minibus I crush it with my giantess feet whilst wearing my big wedge sandals! Will you survive? I think it is unlikely! F0311
Watch Me Change into My Gorgeous Strappy Heels
28th August, 2016 / Video length: 7:01
It is the end of another busy day as Headmistress and I can't wait to take my feet out of my warm high heel court shoes. The best part is, now the school day is finished, I can slip on my gorgeous gold gladiator style high heel sandals. They are some of my favourites and make my sexy feet look gorgeous. I slide on the heels and zip them up at the back, then give you a sexy show. Wiggling my toes and scrunching them up as much as I can inside the shoe. I guarantee you'll be stuck dreaming repeatedly of licking my heels & toes if you dare to watch this clip! F0145
Watch Me Slip into Seamed Tights for a Webcam Show
25th August, 2016 / Video length: 4:45
I am getting ready for a live webcam show and I am dressed apart from my gorgeous seamed tights. I plan to wear my Oroblu Riga 20 denier in nude; they are guaranteed to make men even weaker for myself & my lovely long legs. I slip the tights over my toe and slide them up my calf and over my knee before slipping the other one over my toe and up my other leg. I stretch the tights up my shapely thighs and up over my round bottom. Now I have to make sure the seam is as straight as it can be. So I put my hand down into the tights and slowly straighten the seam. I show you my soles as I make sure the Cuban heel is all neat and straight too. As I sit on the arm of the sofa, pulling the tights up high on my tummy, you can see the reinforced gusset against my white panties. Finally I slip on my nude coloured heels and quickly show off my long legs for you before my webcam session starts. F0198
My Loser Cuckold Panty Sniffing Husband
22nd August, 2016 / Video length: 3:07
So you are still awake, you have sat up waited for me to come back from being with my alpha lover. You are such a pathetic husband! Have you been sniffing my panties while I have been out?! Well I have decided I am going to bring my lover back to our home, and you will watch us together from inside the wardrobe. You will have my worn panties to sniff, but that is all. What you don’t know is that down stairs I have already brought my stud home, and worse than that, I have his friend down stair too! So you will be watching from the wardrobe with the panties I am wearing right now over your head. Watching as both of these big strong men satisfy your wife in a way you can only dream of! F0237
Sexy Stockings underneath My Headmistress Outfit
19th August, 2016 / Video length: 6:20
I have a cheeky secret; I am wearing my sexy stockings with a white six strap suspender belt underneath my Headmistress outfit. I am wearing them with my natural coloured high heels. I tease you letting you know what is under my skirt as I cross & uncross my legs, showing you my naughty suspender straps & soft stocking tops. I give you a nice close up as I dangle my heels before letting them drop and showing off my cute nylon clad feet. Watch closely, because I guarantee you will be mesmerised by my gorgeous nylon covered long legs. F0217
Using Your Face as a Cushion
16th August, 2016 / Video length: 5:11
I know you like to be used as a cushion but will you be able to handle my big round ass covering your face? Well you are about to find out. I show you my very soft pretty lace panties before making you lie down ready for me to use you as a cushion. I hope you take a big long breath before my full weight bears down on you or you may suffocate under my big ass! There is even more of an incentive for you to be a good cushion when I explain that if you behave you can take these worn panties home with you! F0240
Wearing Sexy Tights with Reinforced Gusset
13th August, 2016 / Video length: 10:52
These tights are gorgeous, they feel so luxurious and I love to feel them against my skin underneath my tight Headmistress skirt. I tease you, crossing & uncrossing my legs, which look extra long with my sexy high heels. You can have a close up view as I slip off my heels and show you my cute nylon clad soles as I wiggle my toes. I lift up my skirt and show you the cheeky reinforced gusset on these wonderful tights before sliding my hands down into the tights and stretching the nylon over my hands. I slip off my skirt altogether and show you just how gorgeous & long my legs look, bending over my desk I lift my leg and give you an even better view of my reinforced gusset, then I sit back down so I can dangle my heels. You know you will be obsessed! F0216