Gorgeous Patterned Tight Show & Tease
10th August, 2016 / Video length: 6:27
I am wearing sheer, black patterned tights. These tights may look ordinary but they have a gorgeous pattern around the bottom, which perfectly shows off a peachy bottom like mine. The pattern also creates a heart shape around the cheeks. I give you lots of great views of my bum as I bend over showing off the cute patterned. I run my hands up and down my legs feeling the soft nylons against my skin. There is also lots of crossing & uncrossing, dangling and close up views of my nylon clad soles. F0223
Punishing Shrunken Men By Swallowing Them Whole
7th August, 2016 / Video length: 5:07
As I brush my hair at my dressing table I notice a tiny shrunken car, this can only mean one thing... close by there must be some tiny shrunken men. I am not wrong, and as I take a closer look at the shrunken car I find them hiding behind it. I can remember why I shrunk these tiny men and their car and I think it is time to punish them some more. So I stick them both in between my warm giant toes and press them against my sweaty soles, making them feel my power. I then force them onto my tongue and threaten to swallow them, and I can feel how scared they are as they wiggle on my tongue. However I do not care as I swallow them both down whole, and then I swallow their tiny shrunken car down in one gulp too, as desert! F0299
Shrunken Men In My Tight Jean Pocket As I Sit Down
4th August, 2016 / Video length: 6:46
I have found four shrunken behind the cushion on my sofa. They were clearly hoping to get a close view of my bottom in my tight jeans. So I think the best way to teach these shrunken perverts a lesson is to give them what they want! So I place all four men in my jean back pockets, but before they have chance to feel the warmth of my nice squidgy bottom I explain how I will now be sitting down hard on their tiny bodies. There is even more torture to come for one of the shrunken men as I place him on the sofa and press down on him with my shoe then my high heel. I even pinch one of the shrunken men in between my high pointy heels. Finally, I drop all four shrunken men inside my tight jeans just make sure they are finished off completely by being smothered inside my big ass cheeks. F0308
Torturing You With My Giant Nylon Clad Bottom & Feet
1st August, 2016 / Video length: 4:25
I find you in my pantyhose & stockings drawer, you are all snuggled down in the warm soft nylon. This is not acceptable you tiny dirty nylon loving pervert. So I grab you, pulling you out of the drawer and putting you on the floor, looking up at me, you giant goddess. This is where you truly belong! I remember shrinking you too, you were a pervert when you were normal sized and now you are shrunk it seems you are even more of a pervert! Seeing as you love nylons so much then I shall sit down on you, not quite squashing you yet, just enough pressure you take your breath away, make you realise how easily I could end you. The torture doesn't stop there though, as I lift my foot so you can see the size & power of my nylon foot. I bring my foot down on you, feeling you squirm underneath. But the question is, will I finish you off under my soft nylon foot? F0332
Torturing a Shrunken Perverted Man With My Makeup
28th July, 2016 / Video length: 6:08
I have found a tiny shrunken man in my makeup box; he was clearly in there hoping to perv on me while I applied makeup in my lingerie. He must be punished so I decided, considering where I found him, I should torture him with my makeup. So as I lie him down, and he looks up at his giant goddess in her sexy lingerie, I slowly drip my foundation on to his head. I imagine it is hard to breath but I do not stop there, and I dust him with my face powder making him choke. Then I dip his head into my face cream and smother him in my cleavage, and finally bury him completely in my pot of face cream and screw the lid on tight! F0298
Teasing You with My New High Heel Lace up Boots
25th July, 2016 / Video length: 6:16
I have some beautiful new high heel, over the knee boots. I know you love to worship boots because you understand that your place is at my heels, so I thought I would tease you. These boots are so sexy, with a pretty lace up side and pretty heels. You will watch this clip with your mouth open, dreaming of running your tongue all the way up the heel the licking the soles. You are such a desperate loser you will be on your knees as you watch this clip. F0172
Showing You My New Lingerie I Will Wear With My Lover
22nd July, 2016 / Video length: 4:29
I have been out today buying this gorgeous new lingerie, and these soft sheer pantyhose. So I thought I would show it to you while wearing my sexy black high heels. Even though you are my husband, it is not for your benefit. It will be my lover who will get to ravish me in it. I know how much you love pantyhose too so it will be torture for you. You will never get to touch me in these pantyhose and these lingerie & heels, only my lover will get to feel the softness of the nylons and slip off my new lingerie. However, if you are very lucky, I may just let you watch. F0107
You Will Become My Small Dick Bitch Slave
19th July, 2016 / Video length: 6:39
I’ve noticed you passing my house a lot, loitering outside, clearly hoping to see me through the window or bump into me outside my house. Are you really that much of a desperate loser and did you think I wouldn’t notice?! I bet you didn’t then expect me to confront you, and then invite you in! Well don’t get your hopes up because it certainly isn’t for what you are hoping for! I figured if you are that desperate you will easily become my bitch, and you will agree, because I know you have a wife and she would not be impressed knowing you are perving on me! However if you are going to be my bitch I will need to confirm my suspicions, so drop your trousers! Oh yes my instincts were right, you do have a tiny dick, so I know you will now be even easier to control! F0093
How Dare You Hide Under My Table You Shrunken Man
16th July, 2016 / Video length: 5:55
I am sitting applying makeup and doing my hair when I notice you hiding under the dressing table. You will have been staring up in between my legs at my panty gusset while avoiding being trodden on by my giant high heels. You really are a shrunken pervert who likes to live dangerously arent you?!The problem is that tiny pointless men who behave in this way deserve to be punished, I may be a giant goddess who you are obsessed with but that is no reason for you to behave like this. So I will squash you a little under my shoe and then finally finish you off underneath my beautiful giant bare foot. F0302
Feel My Bare Foot Squash You When I Find You Hiding
13th July, 2016 / Video length: 4:20
I have had the foresight to check under the rug in my lounge, usually I only check in among the fibers for dirty little shrunken men but after not finding any I thought to look underneath. At least you are getting more inventive. I am wearing my new sandals and to punish you I press down hard on you as you look up at me, your giant goddess. This serves as a strong reminder of just how small and insignificant you are and just how easily I could finish you. Unfortunately for you I am not in a good mood and I have decided you will be finished off once and for all; I want to exterminate you for good. However I do not want to get my new sandals dirty with squashed shrunken man smeared all over the clean soles, so I slip my sandal off and stand on you with my big bare giantess foot. F0309
You Will Be My New High Heel Boot Slave
10th July, 2016 / Video length: 6:29
I have decided to allow you to me my new boot slave, so you will worship me in my sex high heel black boots. You will follow me around on your hands and knees and only get up if I say you can. While you are down there you will lick the soles of my boots, suck on the heel and, if you are very lucky, run your tongue all the way up the full length of my boot, right up to the thigh. But don’t you dare try your luck and carry on up on to my nylon covered thigh or you will be in severe trouble! I will expect you to lick my boot clean every single day, and you will be VERY grateful for this privilege! F0101
Miserably Failing Your Final High Heel Aversion Therapy
7th July, 2016 / Video length: 7:10
This is your final high heel aversion therapy session and you must pass to be trusted out in the big wide world, and if you fail there will be consequences. So the first part of the test is to watch my heels dangle from my pretty nylon covered feet without getting aroused. I am brandishing a black cane as a deterrent, and if you fail you will feel it across the end of your member, and trust me it will hurt. Your next test is to sniff the inside of my warm shoe. So far you have controlled yourself, but the final test is one step further than you have ever done before. You will bury your face in my warm, soft nylon covered feet, licking and sucking them. However should you fail this test you will not be allowed to leave and instead will have to come and live with me forever as my high heel slave! F0234
You May Look Like an Alpha but You Have a Tiny Dick
4th July, 2016 / Video length: 5:19
I have bought you back to my house and taken you up to my bedroom. You think your luck is in, you certainly look like a big strong alpha male but I have my suspicions. As I make you drop your trousers it turns out I am right. You have a tiny little dick. What a shame that such a big strong man like yourself has such a pointless member. Well all is not lost, there is no way I will ever sleep with someone with such a tiny dick but I will be seen out with you, because when you’re clothed you play the part. You will get to buy me expensive gifts and take me out for expensive lunches, and as a reward you can worship my long legs and round bottom, but nothing else! F0092
Mesmerised By My Outdoor Strappy Sandal & Foot Show
1st July, 2016 / Video length: 4:11
I am outside relaxing on a picnic on a blanket wearing my gorgeous gold high heel strappy sandals. I wiggle & spread my toes in the sandals and give you sexy close up views. The gold shoes shine in the sun and when I undo the cute ankle straps and dangle them you can see even more of my pretty feet. The sandal straps slip in between my toes, and I spread them as much as I can, showing you the cute soles of my feet. Then there’s lots more shoe play, dangling and toe spreading as I enjoy the sun on my feet. F0153
Teasing You in My Sexy Tights with Reinforced Gusset
28th June, 2016 / Video length: 5:57
I am choosing a book from my vast library while wearing my super soft sheer tights. I love to wear these tights day to day. I am wearing them underneath a sexy sheer shirt and tight white skirt with gorgeous high heels. I tease you as I cross and uncross my legs, my thighs sliding easily over each other, before parting my legs and flashing you the reinforced gusset, I bet you are dreaming of burying your face deep in between my thighs and let me smother you! F0190